Yes, it is on the second day everything falls off!


Couple stood from our table with glass. He smoked nervously, holding a bottle of beer in one hand. She stood and looked at one of our VAZ.

Listen, let’s go. You do not see, it’s all already on the second sink from the water fall off!

A man nervously pulled her for a sleeve of a raincoat. She picked up a vase and looked at the clearance — a sunny bunny played on dichroic drops.

How beautiful…

Yes, let’s go, you’re already! I’m telling you. It will dug instantly! I am Nadka the other day the handle of the jug glued. So what? A day fell off!

She put Vaza and turned to us:

And tell me, is this something special glued?

Of course! We are these droplets with adhesive glue. He creates a monolith that never tear off. You can wet, and rub the sponge — nothing will be.

Doking and throwing a cigarette under my feet, the man intervened:

Hey, is good to pour! You can not glue the glass with glass to death. I tried. And super-glue lags behind the moment-crystal. This is a junk day, two stand, and how wet, falls off.

You are not right!

Ira, went. I told you. I know better.

But I can take a business card?

The woman smiled modestly, took a business card from the table and went for a man.

I stood and smiled. This is a fair, here you have fun, you need to smile to people. And the shower was very and very sad. Not even the fact that my vase did not bought and the buyer left. Completely from the other.

Many are judged by things, at absolutely not imagining that it is actually it is made, what materials were used, how much work and time in it is invested.

For some, it does not matter what the master will say. They are confident in their right:

«I know myself!

I already tried to do it!

What to say? They are right. They have already tried to do so! And they did not succeed … and it means that no one will succeed!

And, most importantly, the «expert» life experience makes a conclusion from his experience with ordinary materials that are sold in all stores. These materials are intended for domestic use or, at best, the hobby.

What can glue the glass to the glass?

Stupid question! What is sold in the store. For example, this is:

And in the end, the next sequence of actions is obtained: bought it — they were stuck — they got off — they were again stuck (by the same or other glue) — again fell off — again (the number of such steps may just be infinite) — in the end, izmaticing, thrown out or put standing on the shelf.

After passing such Odyssey, a person makes a fully logical conclusion: everything that is glued — falls off.

And it is completely right in 99% of cases. Fall off, and even how!

And what about the remaining one percent? These things are glued to completely different glue thanks to which nothing falls off. For example, here is:

It does not have bright labels and assurances of the manufacturer that the product glued by this glue will survive Egyptian pyramids — only instructions for use.

This is absolutely professional glue, which gives an equally professional result. We use exactly this or its analogue:

So why are they not in stores, since they glue so well? Everything is very simple. Do you know how much they cost?

The first tube is 3080 rubles per 100 ml.

The second is 5500 per 100 ml.

In addition, this glue is needed: a special primer for surface preparation and a special spray after gluing. And the gluing process itself passes under the ultraviolet lamp.

As a result: a monolithic connection that can only be broken with a hammer!

So it turns out that no consumer or master hobbier in the right mind and light memory in the usual store such glue will never buy: first, the price is from the aircraft, and, secondly, so much extra televitations!

What for? When I bought super-glue or gel and everything was glued. Probably. May be.

I do not say that ordinary glue is bad. Not at all. It gives acceptable quality for reasonable money, but it does not fit for professional use. The same applies to many other materials: paints, markers, pigments, tools, and even pencils, … but this is another story.

P.S. I sometimes remember the case described at the beginning of the post — this scene was very expressive and typical. Although, in general, that story ended safely: thanks

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