Yes, because it is impossible


I stood at the shop window with sausages and read the composition of the «doctoral with natural milk».

Clear eyes smaller

-What are they so big?

-Well … judging by the diameter, you have read the instructions for the hadron collider.

-Come on the label, I read the composition of the floor washing, which was dropped by pork skin and meat remnants, and all this was done according to GOST.


Family passed by me: husband and wife and her daughter:


The man took the sausage and, without looking at the makeup, put in the trolley. Having waited when he goes away. I went to the shelf. Hmm … really in stock. 149 rubles per stick. I wonder … And the composition?

-Ouch! Yes, after such sausage dad … can not.

I spent almost 30 minutes in the department with sausage and watched how many people draws to the composition of the purchased products. In 30 minutes, 112 people approached the showcase with sausages.

You know how many people looked not at the shelf life, but on the composition?

34 people. That is, only 30 percent of customers draws attention to the composition of food. All other 60% buy products, guided by completely different parameters: familiarity with the brand, advertising, price, brand fame.

Sitting the evening to write another article, I decided to pamper my childhood with a sandwich:

Everybody is sleeping already…

Quietly opened the refrigerator, pulled out the bread, the knife, opened the mastelier … And the oil is with water. Although 82.5% is written on the label, and not the cheapest. Magged on bread as the cheapest margarine, covered with water.

I’m sitting now at a computer, I have a watery oil with delicious black bread on honey, hop and malt and understand that one of these products does not comply with another. One product is made with love, all the freshest and best put in it, and the second is an industrial and food product made for the sake of profits.

And I remembered to me the Bazhov Festival. This year, the Bazhovka specifically highlighted the place for masters, which are engaged in the production of environmentally friendly foods: Kalaishny series. What was not there: honey, sweets, shells, dried fruits, pastries, nut paste, malt products (without sugar).

But, to my great regret, the festival did not let the manufacturers of craft cheese, tea, bread and other food, motivating the fact that this is not the format of the festival. In my opinion, they did it completely in vain. People would gladly bought such products.

In one of the trading tents I spent almost 20 minutes, talking to the seller of a very interesting product «Boat of Health». They fundamentally use sugar in their products — only honey and malt. Taste amazing!

There was a manufacturer of peanut and pistachio paste Craft Project. Also do not use sugar, GMOs, additives. I don’t remember such a taste in my life, it’s something!

At the same time, major trading networks refuse to cooperate and with the other with another with an entrepreneur, although they have all the necessary production facilities. You have to build contacts with small merchants at fairs.

I know a very very good person from Verkhneuralsk who quit from the enterprise and opened his own cheeseman — boils the goat cheese. All that it produces, people (acquaintances, neighbors, many are specially arrived in 40 km) are replenished instantly, despite the price. But no trading network wanted to cooperate with him, although he has all the necessary certificates, and the area allows you to increase production. But all supermarkets were filled with plastic «lamb», although it is not even my dog, very loving cheese!

It turns out that the manufacturer of quality products in the mass market does not break through, even though 30% of buyers pay attention to the composition of products.

And what do you think, how much is in demand, environmentally friendly food is now? Do you pay attention to the composition of the products from the store?