Without fences, of course, beautiful, but how to be with night guests?


First, a small background.

A few years ago, my good friend bought a plot in a deaf alpine village. Covered household, the tool, hired a brigade for the construction of the house and … went to rest. If you think he was taken, deceived, etc. Nothing like this!

In order, I looked after the hired expert, and the firm was such that I was very much treated with my reputation. So the future owner of the cottage well rested, shuffled the body under the affectionate sun of Turtchikina, and returned back to take work.

The skeleton dacha was erected accurately and on time. The quality of the owner arranged, the money is paid, everyone is satisfied. Problems began from the second week of the ownership of the «estate» of 30 acres.

At first everything was lost from the site that it was possible to carry, including deck chairs, an inflatable pool and so little things. Then they opened the garage and carried all the tools.

And then one simple fact came to the owner (the wife wanted to see around the house is not a dull professionalist, but a virgin forest):

The fence from the shooting erochnik, a height of 1 meter 20 centimeters in Russia can protect exactly from anyone.

If the fence is less than 3 meters high, it is not covered with a broken glass, not connected to a voltage of 10,000 volts, and the territory of the estate is not protected by very evil dogs, and even better by the terminators-terminators of the production of Izhevskdainemixkorport, then after leaving Dachnikov, the house sharply becomes a drawn.


Finally, the ordinary Russian latifundist could calmly fall asleep in his urban bed. In the morning, when he woke up, and turned on viewing the site … The smartphone fell out of a suddenly weakened hand.

In the most distant corner of the estate, just there, where the infrared illumination and the motion sensor did not break through … The fence was completely disassembled. Thiefs simply unscrewed the self-tapping screws, which the sheets were attached to crossings, and one took them through the forest to Vorovayka.


Well, what to say, as a former mischief, I understood that it would ever happen to us. Therefore, I was ready to meet a storming … Sludge Pofigism.

The fact is, if you decide to climb nor the fence, nor alarm system, nor a particularly angry dog, nor even a specially spacious combat crocodile will help.

The only thing I understood that a large family that lives with income from the workshop and writes a small blog … take especially and nothing.

Who needs half-fledged glass or two electric ovens weighing 180 kg each?

Yes, I will be interested in to see how they will take such a stove through the door!

Even the extradition to take off!

Professionals do not make it — the scope of life is not the same (the truth is there is a big stock of buckwheat — it remained after the spring stir, but TSSSS … he is in the house under the supervision).

And Spand … From her fence helps well, and it’s easily easily.

So it turned out.

Two young people, about two nights climbed into our area. Walk so to speak. Well, you like people to walk at night by strangers! Only one thing was not taken into account — we like to work at night, so two hours of the night for us to work. What is interesting, passed through the fence in 30 centimeters from the entrance to the workshop, it can be seen in the footsteps.

They moved the light from the window — they looked, they realized that the owners were not sleeping, the windows also shine in the house and twisted back.

Breakless, at least greeted or something!

This, of course, is stub, but somehow disgusting, when the thieves are closed. Like in the soul.

What to do next? We have a fence and so 2.2 meters — above it is impossible, the Municipalities of the A-TA-TA will register, the dogs from the breed «I will see vorays will lay down on the ears,» the doors in the garage and in the workshop are also closed too. We’ll have to completely abandon the bad habit of sleep at night … or still put the alarm to the courtyard.