Why people appeared in the Ural forests on expensive cars who are looking for only inedible mushrooms


Oh God, how I love to collect mushrooms!

When all the year we run in the workshop and only a little glass glass and a little more …

Even just like the forest — the pleasure is indescribable. Yes, what to say here, you know everything yourself. But when the mushroom starts, when the autumn damp makes the most delicious mushrooms be climbed from under the rippled leaves, then we laugh and fly the forest — we will wait for us.

So it was this autumn. One day we threw everything, put in the trunk baskets and shoulders, and flew into the forest. Before our village, this time we almost got drove — turned into a lucky fishing ringer.


No, I, of course, I understand that some people are freight and one’s own, but fresh, clean, just getting out of the ground, to play football !!!

Who did the barbarism learned?

We go further, and there everything is bursting, not a single normal mushroom is crushed, crushed, some are cut with a knife. We go further and … I heard the voices of the really crowds of people. As if the detachment of pioneers is slender rows along the path to swim. We come closer to the edge and not that I am surprised, and we do not believe your eyes.

On the edge there are three healthy SUVs with open trunk, where a person seven — eight pouring poisonous mushrooms from the vest.

Not freight, not like, not … Yes, without a difference, they scored to the top to the top and stand satisfied with cars, drink tea from thermos, something even snacks.

I gained courage, went closer:

Guys, are you freaky crudsali?

Well, we! So what?

Of course, I wanted to answer that I was a «soil patrol» and they were detained until the circumstances were clarified, but there was a wonderful understanding that they would make the same with me as with Gruses. Therefore, I replied simply:


Yes, we did everything here, go on the other side of the road. There we will collect tomorrow.

And then I take and Lyapney:

What do you do with mushrooms on such scales?


But seeing my eyes, explained:

-Joke. We rent them and envy for medical organizations.

So, that we managed to figure out.

While the ordinary mushrooms are collected by freight and even for their table, «unusual mushrooms» collect completely different mushrooms. They are not interested in edible — they collect entire teams of collectors and are going specifically in specific places for quite definite mushrooms.

This is a mumor. Now they are industrialized by many, but on the industrial «stream» the collection of these mushrooms was able to deliver only a few people. Closer to the autumn in the forests of Bashkiria, three teams of builders who divided the forests among themselves can be opened.

The collection of agarms is very simple — you are looking for, you find, cut off the hat, go on. As soon as I scored the full bucket — drag the owner, which, by the way, also digs around the district in search of bright red beauties.

In one day, one «team» dials the full trailer «Kurricians». This is enough for several days of work: all the caps are sorted depending on how the color of the amanita, which kind of type it, the hat was revealed or not — it turns out to be very important. In a special price, large extended hts of pantry flyers.

After sorting the hats, the mugs are dried in industrial dryers on a special thermal regime — it is important to overheat anything, otherwise the necessary substances will simply be destroyed. When overheating the caps are darling and in great demand do not use. The photo above is the result of three days of the work of one brigade.

When the hats of the amansarov dried completely sorted by the varieties: the highest, first, second. Each variety has its own price, but about it is slightly lower.

After sorting, the dried raw materials goes:

And now at prices. What you see on Avito is the prices of «to fool» (when for 1 kg. They ask for 19-25 thousand) — they are overestimated several times and ads are given in the hope that the inexperienced man will «bend» and buy. Real prices are several times lower.

At the agro-earrier where all wholesale purchases pass for 1 kg. dried hats are ready to pay from 6 to 9 thousand rubles. Large billers are offered at a price of 7 to 11 thousand. The finished tinctures of amansor traveled at a price of 2100 rubles per 50 ml.

Ah, yes.

An ordinary collector receives a piece of payment for the day «agar night hunt». For 1 kg, the hats pay an average of 75 rubles. For a day you can minimize 1200 — 3100 rubles. Many such earnings make it good to «support pants». The master of the brigade receives … You understand how much, a healthy kruzak is just not bought.

So next time you see people in the forest with full amansor baskets, do not rush to save them. They just earn.