Why Masters need to urgently start a blog: talk about money


Immediately I warn you — this is a «boring» article, but the figures outlined in it are good food for reflection.

The fact that over the past few months the world has changed is not subject to any doubt. And he will never be former. I could have long and enjoyed to explain what and how I had changed, but the numbers available for me speak for yourself.

The development of trade on the Internet amounted to:

Retail development amounted to:

Sense the difference? Online trade is developing by wild rates, and only blind can talk about what is better to trade at fairs, festivals, in stores.

When we just started selling our work from the art glass from the Internet, there was a maximum of 1-2 orders per month. But we did not throw groups on social networks, but carefully filled them with new works, communicated with people, wrote articles, published photos. Gradually, the number of orders through social networks and the site began to increase (although some networks still do not give the desired return).

Everything has changed this year — over the past three months «live» only 18 decorations were sold — people specially come to our workshop to choose something as a gift to others or for themselves.

Everything else, and it is 3-5 orders

People from other cities write letters with requests to organize full-fledged training, conduct a one-time or two-day master class. Come to visit from Ufa, Perm, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Moscow and even Kaliningrad!

Yesterday I talked with a wonderful master, stolar from God. From the very beginning, he worked only through personal meetings, personal sales. He did not even have a personal page in VKontakte — just lacked time for it. Now he sits without work — 2-3 orders per month do not allow even paying for a communal and nutrition.

But free time is full!

And only now he decided to create a group in VC to sell its work and receiving orders. It was for the consultation that he came to visit me. He hoped for the fact that immediately after the creation of the group, orders will be sprinkled.

And I answered him what I am writing now.

Do not snap! And before the first order, even if you are three times a magnificent master, there may be no one week or even a month. To a normal level of sales and orders, there can be a couple of years.


If you have not started blogging on social networks, you did not begin to organize your selling groups, it should be done urgently! Right now. As you have already seen, all trading goes online and the wizard is doomed to reduce orders.

At the same time, every year the cost of creating, maintaining and promoting a blog on social networks is becoming 25-30%.

Two years ago, we were offered a new design and design for the group in VKontakte in just three thousand rubles. We refused, because there was no time, and all the money went on the glass, equipment. This year we decided to «go broke» and ordered a new design from specialists. All work costs 5500 rubles (taking into account the fact that we did a lot of themselves).

For advertising has to pay even more.

If last year the cost of advertising of one post with our works was an average of 400 rubles and a social network for this money led 10 thousand people to us, today for 500 rubles coverage will be 6-7 thousand.

According to statistics, in 2018, every buyer managed to the master on average at 12-15 rubles, in 2019, in 20-25 rubles, this year the buyer who made the purchase after clicking on advertising, costs the wizard from 32 to 110 rubles.

Therefore, the masters, if you do not have your blog, selling a group — it is not too late, start to behave. Every year, month, day, new orders, and buyers will do everything more expensive to you and more expensive.

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