Why make the masters of fusing collect bottles?


So badly I was not even never — the head was sick with a terrible force. Never in life did not think that the head could be sick with such force. I wanted to lie down and do not move. But all the dreams of rest destroyed the spouse: entered the order from one restaurant on special blue glass plates in the form of bottles.

Despite the terrible headache, I had to gather and go to the neighboring traffic lights behind blue bottles with Liebrauenmilch wine. Only these bottles sach out well in our oven, do not give bubbles and divorces, and eventually become completely smooth.

Wine «Liebrauenmilch» is produced in Germany in the town of Ringuessen and translates as «Molor of the Virgin», although in Russia this wine is traditionally translated as «milk of the beloved woman.» Wonderful semi-sweet wine is quite expensive, so if you make plates from these bottles, they go out «golden».

But the shop «traffic light» offers a wonderful substitute: absolutely the same translucent bottles of bright blue color, but their contents have nothing to do with German wine. Their content is distinguished by LLC Ashottreyding in the city of Upper Samogonsk. It was absolutely impossible to drink it, but the price of 115 rubles for the fusing master (and local alcoholics, by the way, too) just a gift.

And here for this wine I sent my spouse to the nearest traffic light. Well, the will of the Spouse is the law. He took the money, threw the jacket drove. Already at the entrance to the store caught a disapproval view of the seller, but without giving any importance, took the cart and proudly passed into the trading hall.

She passed a honest time, passed two shelves two. No wine!

Moving a spouse:

Natasha! And no wine.

How not? I saw him yesterday! Look at the bottom shelf behind the pallet with beer. You need to buy 12 bottles.

Ltd., found, thank you! Now I will.

Forceing pain, looked behind the pallet and began to pull the dusty bottles of the farther corner. Begun, took out, Proterer, put in the trolley.

Moved the seller, again looked at me disapprovingly, I was drunk something like «it’s necessary to be sold so» and went on.



Moved the loader, got up in the corner and watches me.



12 bottles!

It seemed that it lasts eternity. But still eternity ended and all 12 bottles were in the cart. The mission is completed, I slowly shoved to the checkout:

Do you have a passport?

Uh, why?

To find out what is your card!

What are there any doubts?

And here, from behind the back, the voice of the loader is heard:

Vadim, did you see yourself in the mirror for a long time? This is his card, he is my neighbor in the village.

Oh, Alexander Semenovich, good afternoon.

Vadim, what did you decide to pay?

«Yes, no, just a head of hell hurts, and here the order for plates from bottles and Natalia sent me here.


To be honest, I do not remember how I drove to the house, I drove the car into the courtyard and the bottle was taken.

Everything crushed when I looked in the mirror: from there I watched a typical bum from the earthen color to me, in a jacket inside out, and most importantly, on one my leg was sneakers, on the other — a shoe.

Since more than three years have passed since the hike in the store, during this time we made more than a hundred bottles of bottles. But the case I remember until now and when I remember blush with a terrible force. Natalia calls him «shadow order to Chelyabinsk».