Why is there so many pensioners engaged in handwork?

Collecting material to the next article about the Master-glassware, traveling on the pages of private art galleries, the online communities of handmade masters quite accidentally made a very interesting observation — many handmade masters in the United States have reached retirement age.

Watching the master: 65 years old — works in a joiner’s workshop, 68 years old — engaged in Fuseing, it makes decorations from stone, in 73 years old — Jeweler, 75 years old, in 78 years old embroidered and knits, even 89 years old Manages to engage in patchwork. You think you think how great it is — people found themselves, despite the years they are engaged in a favorite thing, and not just stupidly sit in front of the television box.

Of course, looking at part of these people’s works, our homegrown sofa experts in one voice will silence:

In any case, the fact remains: many pensioners in the United States living in their own homes try to open some workshop: turning, carpentry, glass, jewelry, etc. They are also actively leading master classes, teach the manual work of children and young people, communicate with other masters.

Really, you can envy, a person worked, earned a retirement and now lives in his pleasure, engaged in his loved business. And often it really is so. And it’s great!

But there is another, the reverse side of this «American» dream: A person retired and understands that he will not pull a big house earned by a heavy work and mortgage for 30 years. Tax on the house too. Moreover, in the US, the retirement is considered income, and taxes are paid from income that occurs up to 30%. That is why the state pension in this country is very and very small in this country, that is, to fully live on it will not work in any way. Of course, non-state pension funds come to the rescue, but they can and open, the enterprise could refuse pensions, etc.

What to do?

Someone sells the house and move to the apartment or the house is smaller, in not such an expensive area. Someone moves to a trailer, someone in the nursing home (very common practice), and someone … begins to engage in handwork, Handmade. As a rule, this is done in advance, the master needs to fully master the craft and develop a certain clientele.

After that, a homemade workshop opens — a good opportunity to get an additional retirement to the pension. And here both spouses work in a family workshop.


Although it also happens that the workshop does not bring the required income, so the second spouse is forced to work after a long time ago he retired long ago:

Lavern Combs, 73 years old, master of glass, and her husband John Combs, 73 years old, works at night, unloading Amazon trucks by loader.

Robin Oakley, 76 years old — turner, makes wooden toys, his wife Jill Oakley of the same age works by the traffic regulator at the supermarket.

Charlie Glover, 70 years old, jeweler, his wife Christie Glover — Cassier in Dollar General.

Serena Cells, 74 years old, works by a fashionable hairdresser, her husband — works in a fast food eatery.

Christie Ray, 73 years old, knits a sweater to order, and her husband Leon Rey, 76 years old, buys and resell scrap metal.

So we seriously thought how to secure ourselves on pensions. On the state is wading as a hedgehog, it is necessary to calculate only on itself. Maybe moving to heat, in a large city of Krasnodar, or to the resort type of Yalta and the opening there is a big family workshop there? What do you think? How can you protect yourself to pensions?

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