Why is the real pro tool very expensive?


The fact that every year the tool is becoming more expensive — an immutable fact. Every year, and then several times a year of the store rewritten price tags aside the price increase. You go to the department with a tool, look, and on a favorite drill or screwdriver pounced a couple of hundred or even a thousand, another.

And for this price increases, we are constantly involved: the materials are becoming more expensive, taxes grow, VAT raised, transportation, inflation, in the end. The problem is that in price increases for professional instrument, inflation is not to blame. From the word at all. Well, or only the smallest.

The fact is that…

Manufacturers specifically raised the price of a professional tool!

Let’s notify immediately, I mean a real professional tool that has unconditional quality of performance and work. And not the consumer goods that lies in all construction stores and departments with a tool.

A couple of months ago I helped a friend to buy a tool for his carpentry workshop. My function in the process of purchase was extremely important: Bring-feed, go nafig do not interfere (I was simply asked to bring a tool from the store, at the same time unpacked, appreciated and wicked 😎). A friend has been engaged in the joyar for a long time, packed with a tool for the same thing. I just smoke nervously smoking on the glass with my furnaces and machines.

After receiving the payment for a big corporate order, he decided to update the tool park. How do you make a mill for 166 thousand, circular for 247 thousand, screwdriver for 76 thousand, hand-made grinders for 54 thousand, end saw for 99 thousand? And this is not the most expensive tools, although they pulled on one and a half million. According to Dima for this tool five years ago, he gave a variety of less.

Not 5 or 10% and not even 20%, but at times!

I asked the manager:

Why such a difference in price? Here is the side of the pro profile, and it is 28 thousand.

To which the manager called me to this very «Profi» saw, twisted the handle of the saw disk and said:

See for yourself. This is a professional circular saw firm «***». From the box. Nobody settled her. As discovered and put on the shop window. Evaluate the accuracy of the zero, walking the bed, handles with burrs. And compare then with the one that Dmitry took. In it, in principle, this can not be. But the price!

Then I looked at the new circular Dima. Right out of the box. Ideally. But the difference was 10 times! Although there is a professional tool there.

More recently, I had a conversation with one good person, which more than 10 years is engaged in the supply of expensive pro-instrument to Russia. It was said about the following.

Installation is now such:

Pay for a very good tool that will give you the opportunity to make a good. Machine much more than the ranks of blue Bosh or Makita can.

Otherwise, you will be at the same level as it all, and get out of this level is very difficult. You want an unprecedented quality — pay, do not want or can not — go to the plant, go hire to someone who can pay for a good tool.

It is clear that large organizations can afford to buy pro equipment, private individuals are much harder. There is also someone who gets twisted, who sells kidney, who gets on credit, who lives in the workshop and sells an apartment.

Manufacturers about it know. And over time, the profile tool for private owners will be even more expensive. Nothing personal, pure business.

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