Why is the fence of my house withstand any wind and snow?


The fence is the only thing in my area in which I am even 100% sure, but by 1000%. Many neighbors who are aware of, joke — there will be a nuclear war, the house will take, but your fence will remain.

And indeed it is!

As many people already know, our house and the workshop are located on the outskirts of the village, and all the delights of the Ural weather, the whole snow, hail, heavy rains, wind and frequent in the last years of hurricanes we accept the first. And the situation when the wind is played, like a napkin, bends roofing on the roof, undresses the facade of the house from the «unnecessary» siding, in our edges now is not uncommon.

Therefore, when the question arose from what to make a fence so that he did not put on the ground in the first winter, I had to think very long time … oh I won’t lie, I didn’t even have to think.

There were two available options available for money. The first is a massive fence of the reinforced slag block. But from this option I had to abandon after the type of soil — a solid clay and the raising rivers running next to the surface. And put a slag block fence on such a soil — I don’t care what to play roulette.

The neighbor risked and everything is fine, but in the house across the street for the second year with a fence played by an angry Hulk — part of the runs walked, the part went to the ground, and one side of the fence was just laying on the snow — to lie down, so to speak, until spring.

So I did not have anything to do, as in the steel heart of the Motherland, we build another metal fence from the whole boring professional sheet. Yes, unethical, but practical and … not at all.

The fact is that many on metal saved — come to metal supplies and buy what cheaper. Even more often, construction teams are chewed, which «carefully» do not report the owner that not every straightened and profile pipe is suitable for the fence. And when the fence puts together with the pillars or tribal will turn off the sheets from the lag, the brigade collects hands to the side:


When I showed the builders, from which metal we will make a fence, those checked:

What are you? It’s so much metal in vain spending!

-I know nothing. Build since I said.

So, what is a fence and why the brigade prayed. The fence diagram is as follows:

At first glance, everything is standard, but, as always, the Devil lies in the details:

But these are only flowers. Cherry on the cake was a professional in which the fence was trimmed. Ordinary bright blue profiled sheet, primed from two sides and polyester painted.

For some reason, it is believed that on the fence, you can take a straight professional, since the fence is not such an important design, the load is minimal, and if something suddenly happens, then the loss will be small — you can fasten a new sheet.

At the deeds, the fence is experiencing loads that are at times exceeding the loads for the roof. There the professional owl is attached to a large number of self-tapping screws and it keeps a frequent doom. Therefore, a professionalist of 0.55 mm thick, 0.5 mm, 0.5 mm, or even 0.4 mm, is quite admissible for the roof.

For the fence it is frankly little!

The thickness of the proflist for the fence must be at least 0.7 mm. And it should be attached at a distance of 70 mm from the ground (concrete tape). When we arrived with builders on a metal base, Zabaza asked:

-Do you will do a fence for yourself or to order?

Then for yourself. Come on.

-Hammer! Come on, I will give you the rest of the thick sheet. And then the other day economists came ponabral foil. I give my head, in a year will return for a normal sheet.

With whatever eyes and dumb reproed, builders heavy metal sheets in Gazelle Body.

It was necessary to see!

So on the fence, I have a professionalist with a thickness of 0.75 mm, so in a hurricane, which covered the Ural last week, the wind gusts of more than 100 km / h did not do anything. And he calmly maintains snow movies with a height of almost 1.5 meters.

Yes, this is not a masterpiece of architecture of the era of classicism-metalism and aesthetic pleasure in it zero-zero and three tenths, but their function, to protect the plot from bad weather and curious looks, it performs perfectly. And what else from the fence, looking at the wasteland, is required?