Why in Russia they buy a selected egg, and in Europe completely different: useful advice from now the Ural Farmer


Igor Heoshka (officially Joseph) appeared in our edges three years ago. His parents of the Volga Germans will be failed in the middle of the twentieth century to the Urals. With the restructuring, the collapse of the USSR and the opening of the borders went to Germany, taking a son who had just graduated from school.

Having worked for almost 20 years on many industries and even having been the last three years with the German farmer, Igor returned back to Russia. At first, just for a couple of weeks — look at the city of childhood, walk through the streets, on which once ran with the boys.

And … somehow imperceptibly remained. Digured for half a year back, settled everything, sold the house and returned to the Urals. At all! Parents, very old old people, remained in Germany.

Having bought a small plot of land in 10 hectares, he decided to engage in agriculture, and specifically, churars and egg. It was enough for the creation of a small farm for the creation of a three years.

I met him quite by chance — in the farm meat store, where he gives the meat of birds and an egg. As it was not to get acquainted with a person who, with a funny German accent, outraged in the middle of the store, that his chickens were not demolished.

When Igor just organized his chicken farm, he did not consider people preferences. Having worked on the German farm, he thought that if the Germans and other European peoples love a concrete egg, then in Russia they like the same.

It turned out no!

What are you buying what egg? We traditionally take higher or selection. Very rarely, when C1 is only if there are no others. And C2, in our egg, we practically do not consider.

And now we are looking for a completely different egg, truth to find it is very difficult!

The fact is that in Europe it is most appreciated not, not C0, and not even C1 and C2, and C3. The most is the smallest! Which in its size slightly surpasses the quail egg.

So why are there in Russia the selection, and in Europe is valued «Chicken peas»? Everything is very simple, it is in the ball that the principle is more, the better does not work!

SV and C0 on poultry farms carry chickens that have achieved maximum «economic efficiency» and are at the peak of egg production. That is, the older the chicken, the more the egg it gives.

C0 gives chickens of pre-mentioning age — the so-called starks, from which the poultry farm will soon get rid of!

Thus, C3 carries the youngest chicken — youth. It is in this egg that all the most useful trace elements, proteins and so on are located. C3 is always very and very small, so it is most expensive, more expensive even than C0. And the consumer does not explain in any way why such a pea stands on a par with the Higher Egg.

Igor, with a very unfinished thinking, in the old memory decided to deliver to the shops C3. No one took the «pea» for such a high price. Even advertisements and information sheets did not help.

He had to change everything and deliver only the selection, or, as he says, «an ostrich» egg. By the way, he started with 50 chickens of a very interesting Bress of the Galic Breed. Now his small farm closely approaches 2 thousand heads.

And what egg do you buy?