Why if the silver darkens rapidly — this is a reason to go to one doctor or even two, or go to rest


The girl stood at the rack with earrings already thirty minutes and everything could not decide. Then one pair is performed, then another. Postponed. Take the third. It will postpone again. Compare from the first.


-The, wait, I will buy and go.

The girl finally decided on the purchase and turned to me:

These are pleased. And what metal? Will not dare? And now recently, it does not wear it, everything immediately darkens.

It is silver with rhodium. Such earrings do not darken.

Because of the backs of the girls again heard the voice of the girlfriend:

-And a long time for you silver got to get dark?

-Well I do not know. Three months like. Maybe four.

-And you do not want to look at a job?

-And what?

-With there and see …

I did not hear the continuation of the conversation. The girl was calculated for the earrings, thanked, smiled sweetly and went further along the shopping center with his girlfriend.

I do not know why, but I remember this conversation well. As it felt that there would be a continuation — this meeting was not the last, with Olga we met again exactly six months. We traded at the fair in Miass on the same place and Olga approached us:

-Good day.


-And I came to you for new earrings.

-Finely, pick up. Old not darkened? And then you complained about the girlfriend that everything darkens.

-Aaaa, no, everything is fine! It turned out that cosmetics are to blame. I was presented with a set of medical cosmetics from the Dead Sea, and there something was in the composition. Therefore, everything is much. Although a friend forced a bunch of analyzes to pass …

Olga was lucky with her friend. Fast silver darkening is a very accurate indicator that a person has health problems.

We all know well what silver darkens. Anyone who will ask, will say:

Silver in the air oxidizes and darkens

I hurry to disperse you:


Silver itself is quite resistant in the chemical plan metal. And he dares at all because of the air, and not because of oxygen, as many people think.


And now, why this is happening and from where sulfur takes:

If there are sulfur connections in the air, it is sulfur that causes the appearance of silver products with a thin sulfide film. That is, exactly the black clutter, which makes products from silver similar to antiquity.

If silver products are worn by a person on the body and quickly darkens, it may be evidence of a violation of the liver and kidney.

The change in the level of skin acidity may be caused by a violation of the activity of the endocrine system, which in turn is caused by chronic stress and fatigue.

Silver darkening can be caused by changing cosmetics. As, for example, with Olga, this happened due to the fact that hydrogen sulfide water was in the cream and masks.

And the latter, the rapid darkening of silver can be associated with the reception of drugs that contain sulfur or its compound.

Therefore, if you quickly darken with silver products, earrings, suspension, which are in contact with the skin, is a reason. For what? Maybe just relax, relax. Especially soon summer …