Why Finns refused first from plastic windows, and from wooden too: they found a new replacement


Let’s immediately agree, in fact no one refused from anything. Plastic windows have the same Finns, Danes, Norwegians as they were left. They were produced, produced and will produce. The same with wooden windows. They were, there will be.

No one refused from anything!

So what turns out in the title of the article lies? Klikbeit?

Not at all!

The thing is that everyone chooses to their taste and wallet. Therefore, intermediate solutions will always be. Many people in a cold eurishenium are plastic windows, so will put, every year tieting the adjusting bolts and changing gum.

The same with wooden windows, the elderly Dane, living in … Op Europe in an old house on the seashore, as the gaps skewed between the old frames, and will puzzle.

And the same Finns quietly produce their expensive wooden windows of thermal stabilized wood, covered with incredible varnish.

Therefore, that environmentally friendly plastic or impregnation varnish is another question.

Everything rests on into what problem: plastic indoors is not environmentally friendly, it’s clear, a tree with varnish … as it were, besides, how you do not protect the tree, over time it still changes geometry, swells, lacquer clouds and frames need to tint . Nature takes its own and the durability of wooden frames leaves much to be desired.

Therefore, Finns several years ago decided to combine technology and abandon purely plastic windows and purely wooden.

In these windows, each material performs its own, strictly defined function. Look at the incision of the most expensive window block of the last generation:

The frame of the frame is made of glued thermal stabilized wood, which is protected not only by a plurality of varnish layers, but also special lamination on its top.

Outside the frame is protected by a cold aluminum profile, the main task of which is to protect the tree from precipitation, blowing and ultraviolet radiation.

The first sash is made of an ordinary PVC profile, in which single double-glazed windows are fixed.

But the second sash is made of the most ordinary Karelian birch, but well dried and covered with two water-based paint layers. Since there is no harmful effects on this wood, it is not required to protect powerful chemistry. It turns out that there is absolutely eco-friendly material from the room.

All the most harmful is outside.

Good idea? Understanding!

How to stand in time I do not know. But the price of these windows for most Russians is already inhuman. If you could find a general financial language with wooden windows, then everything is sad. With our dollar, you can carry out a share: «I sold the kidney — inserted the window.»