Why Finnish street doors do not even freeze in -50, and we have everything stuck with a tambour at -25


The dream of each homeowner is good, reliable, and, most importantly, a warm house. Not a nuf-nuf house, which trembles and vibrates under strong wind, and such that for centuries. Outside the window wind, blizzard, the snow flies with a terrible force, and you are sitting in the shorts at the table and drink a hot tea with lemon, jam and buns.

And it doesn’t matter that it is +20 to the waist, let the whole world wait …

The first fortification in defense against the enveloped winter is the door. Despite global warming and the fact that winter over the past few years have become very warm, when a plus temperature can stand for weeks, in Russia the door should always be not just warm, but very warm.

Maybe somewhere in sunny California or Florida and you can put cards instead of doors, but in our Urals (about Siberia and the extreme north, in general) … Well, not on Feng, it (although it would be interesting).

Today we have boosted.

Usually, the South Ural covers a cup in early March. Near -30 frost, most often, miraculously coincides on March 8. It is also clear the Countess of «bad weather» — she is a woman. But this time you simulated on the day of the Defender of the Fatherland.

And it seems that frost is not so strong, just -23, and at night it fell to -30, but this door was enough for this. Although it is some particularly strong Arctic series with a thermal survey, six layers in it, a double insulation contour, and I took it 10 years ago, as an exhibition sample, for 16 thousand.

Now the price tags for such doors are jumping over 65. So what?

As it turned out, the number of zeros in the check does not guarantee the lack of land and condensate. It is largely to blame for the strongest wind (26 m / s), which will be awesome with us 2 days and has already managed to «fool.» From a large shopping center, the facade was demolished, glass doors broke out, several houses lost the roofs.

What to say, I fear for my house!

Mansard buzzing and jumps.

The sad consequence of bad weather you see in the photos. Crying my door womb is poured. But she is not street, in the sense that the wind is not directly in it: behind it the porch with a small «tambour.»

For the sake of interest, a friend called, who hid from winter in his Finnish house for a warm Finnish door:

Do you have a wooden door without a «tambura»?


-So how? Is there anger or condensate?

Not a drop!

So what is the secret of warm Finnish doors that do not have any additional insulation contours, thermal disperses and other marketing tricks?

In fact, everything is simple!

They are thick. My «Arctic» door has a thickness of the door leaf — 85 mm, of which 4 mm steel, 6 mm. An additional burglary-resistant metal plate and another 6 mm of the facade panel, that is, a stone or basalt cotton wool accounts for no more than 69 millimeters.

And this is categorically a little!

The mineral wool insulation ensures the regulatory resistance of the heat loss only with a thickness of 120 mm. It turns out that the door should have a thickness of at least 140 mm. We have no such doors on sale.

Finnov has a thickness of 110 mm thick, but it is not insulated with a hygroscopic minvata. Although they write that the door is wooden, it is not wooden.

Finnish doors are made from Brucks of thermostabilized Karelian Birch as an external frame. Inside it, for greater hardness, lamellas made from a compressed veneer pressure (10-15 layers) are pasted.

The remaining inner space of the door is filled with carbon polystyrene fiber with a thickness of 100 mm. Outside and inside the MDF panel. The door is very easy and durable, it can be opened and close with one finger.

And with all its weightlessness, it does not freeze even at -35!

The only drawback of such doors is zero burglary. It can freely knock out a strong blow of the leg. But, it seems to me, this is not such a big draw. If they want to climb into the house, then climb in any case.

So, probably, I will change the door in the summer the door to the more warm. Not the fact that Finnish, but I will look for. Can you recommend a good door from ours, who came across?