Why do handmade work as a junk?


Yesterday, one of the subscribers sent me a link to a colleague on the workshop and asked to appreciate.

It is terribly angry when handmade products are called junk or crazy handles.

But sometimes…

It’s no secret that glasswall is a very expensive craft. In order to just start — already need to lay out significant

The warranty is that you will succeed and you will make money on your craft there is no completely. Primary need to be able to sell. You need to be able to think, analyze, predict. The slightest error may entail

The most important thing in any craft is personal skill or, as the bourgeois says, skill.

And here it is not always the obvious problem: at what level of personal skills you can sell your masterpieces?

How to determine the level after which you will not be ashamed for the things made by you?

Everyone decides this question in different ways. Someone decides to trade only after set for himself a definite bar and stepped over it.

Someone fundamentally no slats puts — there is a material, there is a tool — drove.

I understand that this can be done as a «trial ball» and leave for yourself — for memory. We have several such «souvenirs».

But when this is postponed to the Fair of Masters and go to exhibitions and sales — this is above my understanding.

In many ways, it is why the attitude towards manual work in many people is extremely negative.

If you remove the «art component» in this work, then the rest of the technical marriage.

Oh, my eyes, stop bleeding!

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