Why did the successful master refused to make a millionth earnings?


Many people who are familiar with the outside of the work of artisans spread a very naive understanding of handmade. From the outside it seems that the master is the Creator, his life is a permanent flight, the incessant creativity, which brings very good money.

Even among the masters themselves, it is considered that the most important thing is to provide a normal monthly earnings and all the problems have been solved: found wholesalers, sit for yourself, are creating, the family is sideways, smooth money and life has been able to.

Once I thought so so, dreamed: I will find permanent wholesalers, every month they will pick up the finished products and bring money in the beak. I will remain to create and smear the caviar to the butter sandwich.

But it happens that the master found these the most wholesalers, provided himself with a constant good earnings, but this earnings did not bring happiness, did not give an expanser for creativity.

Do not believe?

I will give an example!

Marina is my row. In 1993 he graduated from school, in 1997 he graduated from the school, wandering on the seam and went to his free swimming. At first, she worked in the studio on tailoring of the upper clothes, then moved to a point engaged in the repair of clothing. In parallel, she sewed to order beautiful authentic clothes, children’s dresses, shirts and dresses in Russian folk style, sundresses, artistic and New Year costumes.

Then the birth of one child, decree, the birth of the second, again decree. When the second child grew and went to the garden, the question arose in front of Marina: where to go to work? In atelier? On the repair point? Or maybe to open your business?

Marina chose the last option. And almost the first week it was lucky. She found a wholesale buyer who was ready to acquire all costumes and dresses. They developed sketches, picked up fabric, discussed issues of cooperation and signed a contract.

Marina only Sila. She did not deal with a sales. All she did, climbed without conversations. On the very first month she earned 35 thousand. In the second month, earnings exceeded 50 thousand.

She hired to help her sew, then the cutter, removed the room. They worked without raising their heads for months. In fact, it was a mini shop on tailoring with complete self-trust.

Most of all sewed dresses and shirts in a pseudo-door style. Its pure earnings in some months exceeded 130 thousand rubles, in the last month I shot up to 200.

Turnover so generally passed over a million.

For a woman, seamstress in the province is good money.

Very good!

Over time, Marina began to understand that her earnings were not in joy. At all! The problem was that there was no time left for life. In theory, her next step was to be made towards the opening of the IP and his own company. But simple seamstress was afraid to make this step.

Monthly avalanche of work on the sewing of the same models pulled out. The family did not see her, the children were offended, the husband also poured like a mouse on the croup. Wife (mother) as it were, but in fact it is not. And Marina decided to stop such work — she passed all the contacts of the wholesalers to his girlfriends-seams and left.

Is she doing right? I do not know!

Refuse a big earning for the sake of family and children is a good deed. If Marina wanted, she could develop his enterprise. But she didn’t do this step. Afraid. And the work on wear broke it from family, children and husband.

On the other hand, there are a lot of stories on the network about how a woman, starting his little business, developed it to a multi-million business. But such a business takes a lot of time. Yes, he just takes all the time! How to combine it with your family, with the upbringing of children? That still task!

We ourselves, when we are preparing for fairs and festivals, it happens, we disappear in our workshop weeks, we work whole days. Children offended that mom and dad again «disappeared.» And it strains …

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