Why burst glass covers on saucepans and skillers?


Remember the shrek dialog with a fion from the same cartoon? I do not know why he remembered me, but I love cook very much. And legends go about my pilaf. True, yesterday, Legal Plot was not destined to take place.

I roasted delicious meat, added a burning onion and crispy carrots, tickling the spice nostrils, poured all this with steep boiling water.

It turned out wonderful zirvak, only the smell was crazy.

Another little and can be added by Devrzir.

As, suddenly the burly and snatching pan issued a ringing of Bzzzzdin and the couple’s clubs broke out. Rushing to the stove I saw a glass cover …

Which was covered with a network of small cracks, and a small piece of glass fell inside. Pilaf was irretrievably spoiled, the children were upset. We and the wife and I, of course, are engaged in glass, but they have not yet learned him in food yet. How and why it happened — today and let’s talk. Moreover, judging by the issues that we ask, this happens quite often.


That is why all truly professional dishes are made of stainless steel. Yes, it is impossible to see the degree of readiness of the dish through it, but at the most difficult moment, when there are a lot of guests in the hall, the scattered cover will not spoil the almost ready-made dish.

For the domestic goals, the glass cover is the most. Glass covers have two varieties: without a protective metal rim along the edge and with a protective rim.

As a rule, a protective bezel and a steep stainless steel handle — a sign of very expensive dishes. I will reveal a small secret, and there are such rims and handles beautifully, but all useful properties end up. Next go on some minuses.

First, under bezes and protective nuts for the handle constantly accumulates fat and food remains. It is impossible to remove them from there. Once a month stand and «chewing» with a knife under the lid a little pleasant.

Secondly, a decent metal weight is intended. If such a cover falls on the fingers of the legs, then a strong bruise, at least, and then the fracture is provided. True personally!

Thirdly, if the handle is screwed to the glass cover too tight, then it is because of this, the lid may crush. The fact is that the coefficient of thermal expansion of glass from 5 to 9, while steel from 11 to 17. (That is why the handles are often hanging on the lids — this is not a marriage, but a constructive feature).

And now a few words are burst without rims and metal handles, as in my case.

The manufacturer broke the casting or hardening technology, that is, the glass has folded. With the naked eye, such a defect is not found, but carry a special device with a special device worth 280 thousand, for the sake of buying a lid … Khm, if you can afford it, your life has been able to.

Foreign impurities in glass — air bubbles, cracks, pebbles. Again — all this on the conscience of the manufacturer.

Falling the lid on the stone or porcelain booking floor, after which it did not break. After falling in the lid, a microcrack may appear, which, in fact, is a slow motion bomb. Be sure, someday she ripples.

Natural material fatigue. Over time, the fatigue and the lid can be accumulated in any glass can be covered with a network of microcracks. By the way, they can be seen if you shine on the cover with a bright lamp at an angle of 30 degrees.

Is it possible to avoid such «surprises»?


Even buying a new cover does not guarantee anything. The same Bzzdy can occur on the first day. It happens on the contrary, the glass cover serves for many years, falls, breaks his fingers, beats the tile on the floor and it is not necessary for it. If you have this, then you obviously fell the sector a prize on the drum.

In general, they can explode both expensive, high-quality, branded and penny low-quality covers. The risk is almost the same. Therefore, you have successful shopping and … take care of yourself!