Why are people looking for old furniture on the dumps: how much does the disclosed Soviet chairs really cost


Look at the photo above.

Familiar forms? And then!

Almost every Soviet apartment and even in some rustic houses were such wonderful chairs. Many, despite the honorable age, still so worth these. Well, maybe not in the apartment, but in the country, in the garden, or they are thrown in the garage, Saraike.

In the 60-70s, such furniture was a fashion pisk. Easy, compact, you can say almost an air, which does not occupy a lot of space. But over time, she lost her relevance, became unfounded.

In the 90s, many suffered such chairs on the landfill.

And they made the biggest mistake in your life!

Now at these armchairs there is practically battle. Some are looking for them on ads board, Avito, Cyan, Yule, walk on the dumps, carefully packaged and export.

Guess what cause?

They became fashionable again!

Remember how the fashion changed in the 90s and early 2000s. Everyone wanted beautiful, massive and very soft chairs. Such so that you drow in them with your head, I felt the highest degree of comfort. In our city, one time everything was written with boiling water from furniture heads called «Clara». They looked like this:

Made their subsidiary at the Tiltable. Everyone who had such furniture was considered a very steep person.

I bought Clara — life succeeded!

Some, alternatively gifted comrades, for the sake of the feeling of some unknown social status, belonging to the caste of the elected changed such headsets for apartments. I think now they would prefer to not even remember it. But okay, I distracted …

In general, now this cool and expensive furniture also lives his days in landfills, dachas and in the gardens. But those kept chairs began to go back to triumphantly.

To blame for this, oddly enough Swedes, or rather the Swedish company IKEA. It was she who introduced a trend on the lungs and air chairs. After that, the designers remembered that everything new is well forgotten old.

And completely suddenly it turned out that those chairs that stood in every Soviet apartment in the 60-70s were made according to the canons of one very cool design school — Bauhaus.

Relieve a vintage, well-renovated chair from old good 60s now is a fashion pisk. Knowing people are looking for such seats on the dumps, garbage, redeem on ads, restore the wood, change the upholstery on the fabric with an expensive copyright print, and sell in no less expensive finishing centers.

The demand for the chair is so great that many European manufacturers began to make accurate copies of the old Soviet chairs. Not necessarily from the USSR — very beautiful models did Poles, Czechs, Yugoslav, Germans in the GDR.

Remember how one time we had a fashion for Yugoslav furniture!

Now the fashion for Soviet Vintage came to Europe. Manufacturers of vintage furniture and in Russia appear. For example, we have in the Urals, in the city of Yekaterinburg, one young guy named Andrei, has established the production of retro-chairs. And if in Russia they are sold with a creak for 8-15 thousand, then in Europe he goes for 250 — 600 euros. As they say, feel the difference!

So, if you have such chairs — do not rush to get rid of them, maybe it makes sense to advertise on Avito.