Who needs handwork if there is aliexpress?


«China will only stop a nuclear bomb»

In general, this post pushed me to write to Evgenia Ponomareva one very interesting comment to yesterday

I am polite, just thanked for the expressed expert opinion.

But the thought was covered in the head. But why? Why buy something expensive, made by hand, when the Chinese doard Uncle Si can find at least what, for everything and from everything. There would be money.

If you leave the personal addiction at the level, I like it — do not like, distract from emotions. Only logic, nothing more.

From economic theory, we know that the consumer (I hate this word!) It is always rational — trying to buy a maximum of the product for a minimum of money.

In the photo below the Tiffany lamp with Aliexpress. With shipment it turns out 7200 rubles. In fact, of course, this is not Tiffany, it is a skillful fake. Even glass is not colored — film.

Well, if you do not want a frank fake, you can buy a «renowned» lamp Tiffany. From Italy or Spain. Here, please, in the photo below. Everything is chin-ran, colored glass, soldering, patina …

True, the base of the lamp is not a tree and not bronze. And from the heating of the solder is chosen. And the sticker «MADE by ITALY» tears.

Hmm, but where can I buy a normal thing?


Let’s look in England or USA. Here is a small lamp. Made in Southampton in a small glass workshop.

Real classic Tiffany Stainland.


… uh and so expensive ???

And if we see? In Russia, too, they do! Obviously there are masters who may have a beautiful thing to cook. Yes, and the ruble is low.

Well, well, let’s see.

So here’s the beauty! Well done, proud of!

How much how much? No, for the amount, and even Russian.

Never! To night!

It is better to buy a real lamp Tiffany. Which Tiffany himself did. Let it be more expensive, but from the sources. But everyone can say that I have a real Tiffany lamp.

EEEE …. I’m shocked. 16 million per lamp ??? What’s wrong?

And this? It is smaller, and the glass is smaller, everything is what small!

32 million? Over the lamp? Yes, my family has so much kidney.

But if no joke.

There is a very serious problem. For what? What kind of money? When you can give a penny and you are the owner of a beautiful thing, let them from China, let it not always high-quality, but …

Often talking to friends from Toronto, Prague, Edinburgh, with clients from the near and far Zabugia. I constantly ask the question: why, why do you buy it?

Answers are different. Someone does not think at all: just liked it, there is money — why not buy. Someone buys consciously: I like it’s hand.

But one of the buyers, a rather wealthy person from England, gave a clear answer to the question assigned:

It is handmade that makes it possible to understand how the thing should look with the soul;

It is handmade that is synonymous with quality;

handmade products over time are more expensive, while the goods from the store cannot afford it;

Handmade products are an element of social status, it may not be allowed to allow it, it is belonging to a higher layer, because the usual person is given mass market.

Do you know how in England they call the products of supermarkets? Cotton Swab — cotton wands, synonymous disposable.

What else to add? And nothing.

Tell me your thoughts about the said — will be very cool to talk.

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