When to live, if all the time goes on making money?


And this is the biggest problem of all needlewomen and «needleworks», which switched from the stage of monetizing their hobbies to a full and permanent job, on earnings in their craft.

Remember how in glossy magazines, photos on social networks are drawn beautiful paintings on how cool to create and get money for it. When you go to the main job, and in the evenings you do something in your cozy corner, and from time to time you get it money — it seems great and cool.

And it is really great and cool!

But as soon as you go to the stage, when your hobby becomes the main job, your favorite thing, when it is from this loved one you have to live, eat, pay for a communal, feed and wear children, right here, in this very moment you understand , what is this…

Not very cool!

What’s the difference?

The difference is huge. Creation, doing your favorite hobby, somewhere in a cozy corner, you do not think about money, you just work out, and it is creativity in pure form.

But when this hobby becomes a way to make money, everything changes.

I do not know a single person who would sit the watch in the workshop, created a masterpiece, sold it for 100-500 migres and lives a month. Everything is just on the turn — you have to pour almost around the clock:

What son do you? Do you want to eat? Go find something in the refrigerator!

-Well, lessons asked? Let me check in 5 minutes!

Skat on the rink? I can not give to me tomorrow!

Familiar words? And when to live?

Outputs from this endless circle three:

How to find in yourself the strength on the hobbies that you gave the employer at the main job — another problem. I have a bunch of friends who come home from the plant and just fall on the sofa without his strength. I do not want anything!

The second option is a direct path to creating your business when the workshop develops handicrafts and goes to the commercial level. How to save your direct involvement and creative element is another problem that the master will have to be solved anyway. But a little later …

What option do you choose?