What you need to know about the decorations from Murano glass: because of what we bring them dozens for repairs


Well, how so? To visit Venice and not to buy a single thing from a beautiful, transfusion with all the colors of the rainbow, Venetian glass? And if you visited Murano Island, God himself sent to buy some beautiful thing for myself or to decorate the house, apartments. I want to be bought at the trip thing pleased the owner very and very long.

There is only one small but!

In most cases bought in Venice or on the very island of Murano, decorations very quickly come into disrepair. First, metal parts begin to darken, the coating quickly corps, blacks, after which the chains and latches are collected. Well, as a cherry on the cake, a fishing line burst, which is skipped inside beads, necklace, bracelets.

No, everything is fine with the glass itself, as it was bright and brilliant, so it remains. But everything else!

What is the cause of low quality, and what you need to be prepared when buying real «authentic» decorations from Murana glass.

Let’s start with the cause.

Do not believe, even the Chinese now fittings are better than the Italians. My good acquaintance specifically asked the Italian Master:

Do you have decorations with parental?

No senor.

But it is still necessary to buy a souvenir! Therefore bought. And four months later brought us for repairs. This kit, which in the photo was sent for repairs from another city. Not even brass, ordinary keenas, the cheapest fishing line.

What a jewelry cable!


There they didn’t even hear about him.

But each detail is proudly signed by «Maid In Itali», even the number certificate in the box lay. And such sets or separately bracelets and seg are brought and sent to a year per hundred pieces.

What you need to be ready.

Even with the most careful wearing, Muranian jewelry on the fishing line are the maximum of six months — a year. After that, the fishing line rusts and the decoration can be on the floor with all the consequences …

Therefore, in the process of socks it is desirable to constantly check the strength of the product. As soon as a suspicion of the fast «star» appeared, it is better to pay for repair to any workshop. Disassemble, package, pollast or replace the accessories to a new one with a protective coating, gather anew. And the decoration will please the hostess for many years.

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