What you need to be ready if you want to make money on New Year’s matinees: as Santa Claus Santa expected


Two weeks before the new year and about 5-7 days after the new year — extremely hot time for all those who decided to wear a red or blue Santa Costa costume, bring unforgettable emotions to children, and at the same time correct the material state.

I do not know how in the capitals, but in provincial towns such as our Magnitogorsk, Grandfather Frost with the Snow Maiden, for these three weeks, plow no worse than combine in the summer suffer. The grandfather with granddaughter employs professional actors, and amateur artists and just in the call of the soul.

About the golden rain, which lifted on the «impoverished grandfather with granddaughter» go legends. I was described by completely «wild» amounts that can be lifted for the day of work. Reality, of course, is much prosaic, but you can always earn your 3-4 thousand per day.

I know one professional actor, which leads almost all the wretches, trees, urban events, closed and private parties. The schedule of his work is 1 month after 11 — that he earns grabs exactly 1 year of a comfortable life. But he walked for more than 10 years, studying the clientele and negotiating with the «right people.» His costume is rightfully considered one of the best and most rich in the city, not a couple of those who are leased for 300-500 rubles a day. In one way out, he takes from 5 thousand rubles, although urban Avito was risen by ads with a price tag from 800 rubles.

Hmm, … I got acquainted with him as follows …

Parents, armed with photos and video technicians, stood a huge crowd in the far corner of the assembly hall and watched, as the teacher searched their chad on chairs and benches. Everything was ready for the beginning of the holiday. There was only him … Grandfather Frost. With the children managed to sing a song, they told a couple of poems, the Muchpotatnik, who was sitting on the victims of the piano had already started to twitch his eyes when he was heard from the corridor of one of the fathers (he did not get a place in the hall and he stood on the threshold):

goes …

Behind the heads of the steps from the corridor appeared figure … Santa Claus. I do not know, on which flea market a suit was bought, but the frost Ivanovich did not smell here. Small boots, bright red pants and a short sleeper — all this dangled on a not very fastening body of the actor, and the view of the latter was quite comic.

-Ufff, managed. Delayed, traffic jams,

The kids, smiling and having fun, fell asleep him quite obvious answers. And the matinee began.

Children have fun, but also parents have fun and moved themselves: «And the grandfather is well the date.» It took five events for minutes, as one more figure was put forward out of the doorway in Krasnoye.

On the threshold stood a real frost Ivanovich. Huge, healthy grandfather in two meters tall, in boots, real mittens, beautiful, richly skewed with golden sewing suit.

Silent scene. Kids instantly swept. Air between Santa and Santa Claus could be cut with a knife and put the stacks in the corner of the hall. The first was focused by Santa Claus, who thundered the room with a loud, with a snatch oath:

This, sho, we have here for the impostors appeared. Well, say, who are you and from where?

-I grandfather frost …

I’m frost Ivanovich! Tell me, kids, who of us on the real Frost grandfather looks like? And here is my granddaughter, Snow Maiden!

Children joyfully shouted, cared, began to show her fingers on the real Santa Claus.

Well, it’s clear who I am! Let’s together with my fingers, Ay-Yai-Yai!

Two meters of growth, a powerful figure and children’s hands, stretched to the included not left Santa no chance. Do not spoil the holiday. Santa squeezed through the crowd of his parents and went out into the corridor.

The matinee has a total of 40 minutes. Santa Claus was inimitable. It was immediately seen that the person is a professional actor. I even believed that Santa Claus was real and squeezed to me from childhood delicious tankers. But, the last time passed, Santa Claus said goodbye to the kids and came out. The children stayed in the hall for distribution of gifts and awards.

Suddenly someone touched me by hand and I heard the whisper of educators:

-Home, there Grandfather frosts fight.

A fight, of course, it could be called with tension. Skinny Santa, which, apparently, was very well removed during the expectation of the «competitor», sharpened with all his vanity body on the frost Ivanovich, while managing the bag from two Snow Maiden, trying to keep him, and hipely hide:

-I’ll show you, ***! You can’t just select money! We, ***, it was specially invited.

Frost Ivanovich, with the help of the staff, tried to stay away from the Santa Group in the cramped dressing room.

-It! We were invited!

-We were the first to come!

But we were also invited!

But we came first!


I’ll show you now, ***!

At this point, Santa managed to bounce a particularly strongly and to light her by Santa Claus in the face.

-Ay, ***. Yes, stand you. Who invited you?

Tamara Vitalevna invited us.

The teacher intervened here:

Who is Tamara Vitalevna? We have no such!

Santa got up like the inspected.

-And what is the group?



And kindergarten?


-How 27? Not 113?


If we lower the obscene words from those three proposals that we heard, then Santa proudly said.

Excuse me, the error came out! Faith, we are late. Go.

That’s how we met Mikhail. The actor of one of the urban theaters, who managed to expel Santo, spend an excellent matinee for our children, get five thousand rubles for it and the fingal under the right eye.

Have you come across such situations for the new year?