What services of Russian Post is paying 600% and how to save on shipment


Remember the unwanted joke of the Ural dumplings:

I hurry to delight you, this joke has long been not about the Post of Russia. Surprise this organization in the past few years a lot of things corrected in their work. Send parcels through it, in most cases, faster and cheaper than transport companies.

If you are engaged in online trading or simply send a lot of parcels, that is, several ways to reduce the shipment fee, respectively, your personal expenses or customer expenses. Moreover, for some services or goods, a trade markup of Russian Post can reach 600%.

We are by mail at least three times a week, send and get parcels. Many post office operators Our good friends, they suggested to us how to save.


Let’s start actually with shipment.

If you send something very small and not very heavy, it makes sense to send it something first class. He is the fastest, most prompt and … the cheapest, only it is very important that the weight of the parcels does not exceed 200 grams. Prior to this weight, the most «chocolate tariffs» operate. Sometimes it makes sense to break the parcel into two separate, the main thing is to meet precisely in this weight. If it does not work, then you can send by simply shipment, there will be no savings.

Now the most interesting.

The cost of delivery in the mail is not high, so it seeks to turn more than at the expense of the accompanying goods — these are boxes and packages.


Mail will be happy to sell you a corporate box, because it is a golden bottom for it. It is the boxes worth most of all. Especially, in fact, you pay for the box twice — after all, it turns on the total weight when calculating the cost of departure. If you hurry, and at hand there is nothing like a box, then, of course, you can buy a branded.


The fact is that Russian Post takes not only branded boxes. You can fold the parcel to another box. It is important, only that she was from gray cardboard, did not have the inscriptions and was not saved by scotch, the staff wake the box with their brand scotch completely free.

We often take the boxes from under notebooks in stationery stores, from sausage in Yermolino, boxes from under the thread and plastic dishes — Russian Post without problems takes.

By the way, you can fill in advance to the department and take a stack of receipts. They can be filled at home, which will save more and time.


Packages are a soft erzatz box, they are also called the došiuk. If what you want to send is not afraid of throws into a basketball ring or can perform a hockey washer, then the package is yours.

Oddly enough, but small sets and earrings are best sent to the packages. Everything dies perfectly! Or we are too well package, or our parcels are lucky and they did not fall into the hands of Malkina or Shakil O’Nela, who work on Russian Post to Polish.

You know, what is the main postulate trade? At the cheapest and small goods goes the biggest cheating. If the mailbox winds a maximum of 300%, then the packages are 600%. The smaller the package — the more cheating.

Therefore, if there is a desire to save, then branded packages need to be taken on the side. No, I do not urge to search for lines on postcases. Just packages can be bought in specialized stores.

Previously, we bought them in bulk in Sime, as it was the only store selling mail packages with small wholesale, now such stores are much more.

The smallest package, the size of 114 by 162 millimeters can be bought on the Internet for 2 rubles. Departure of the first class, just more expensive — 3 rubles. Russian Post The same package sells in its post offices for 16-19 rubles.

For 2019, we sent 162 parcels in the smallest packages. All of them were purchased in bulk for 350 rubles. If we were taken by Russian Post, then the packages would cost us at least 5600 rubles.

What is called, feel the difference!

The same goes and the boxes. They can also be bought over the Internet and it will be two or three times cheaper. But packages, of course, out of competition.

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