What knitted products are well sold at handmade fairs


If you are waiting for, I’ll tell you exactly: «Do this this, it is» and you will have amazing sales. No. I can never say this. And all by one very simple reason:

Actually buy all knitted things!

Calm and take the dresses, and scarves, and the weavers … Socks, caps, mittens … Yes, almost everyone is bought. Absolutely!

You may argue: «I wrote nonsense, I knit and do not take anything!»

I agree, I see it very often. Sits the master at his desk and frankly misses. The human crowd goes by, even fit, look, the price is asked, and there is no sales.

How so?

It does not matter what the price is not at all important, the price is absolutely not important (there is a buyer for each thing) Other is important:

How do you sell your creations and what looks like (how fresh, stylish, unusual) the things you are.


A few years ago we took part in the exhibition-fair of handmade products in the Art Gallery of Kazan. Opposite we were a wonderful master, a small department of which was littered with beautiful, warm, thick socks, mittens, scarves.

All things hand-knitting. Everything is connected her own. On the first day of sales there was about 0. On the second day, it lowered prices, but sales were exactly the same. For all the time the fair, she was able to sell no more than five pairs of their products.


But through two departments, a peasant of fifty years was stood right in the aisle with knitted products. Outup. He bought all things in bulk in the area of Kislovodsk. But all their customers (and things were even worth it even more expensive) He with jokes and additives hung noodles on the ears that they were made by hand in Mongolia:

Socks are associated by Mongolian grandmothers!

All of them from the wool of young camels!

Sawn on the hips of young Mongolian girls!

In general, come, get along, choose a lot — get a discount. For all the hours of the exhibition-fair, he sold …

Exactly everything that he had.

He was so cool, he was suspended that no visitor was held past.

The discovery was the seller from God! And the craftswoman who traded unique, mental things was in his shadow.

I will open a little secret: Natalia is engaged in our workshop of art glass. All things we do together, but when it comes to sales, my role comes down to one very simple function: Bring-feed, go from here — do not bother. And everything is just because she is also a seller from God. I stand next to, I smile, I recommend, I advise, I help, but the «salesman» of me is no one.

And the second example.

Everything is more complicated here. It is no secret that people today are spoiled by the proposal. There are so many products, and people have so few money that sellers just climb from the skin, just to persuade people to part with money. It is harder to do doubly when it comes to handmade products.

In order for the buyer to give money to the master, you need one thing: the thing should call the «wow effect!». That is, it looks like the buyer will tell about himself «Yoshka-Matryushki! How cool!» And his hand itself will dare to the wallet.

A few years ago, at the Bazhov festival, one of the masters-knitters simply broke all sales. She came out to trade with very beautiful caps. It seems to be the heat, not the season, but with her caps walked the whole fair. Children, dads and moms, grandfathers and grandmothers crowded in the caps of bearded vikings, evil birds, nobbits, knights, etc.

The caps called in people the same wow effect.

It was new and fresh!

The level of sales simply shook. For the year master gathered on the region just the golden tribute.

Realizing that this is the «golden bottom», some craftsmen who stood next to ordinary caps, socks, mittens and scarves the next year came to trade with the same caps. As you understand, the income from the sale of the caps shared between several masters, and, in general, turned out to be no longer as impressive. And a year later, these caps were already done by a person 5 or 6. In another year, such caps began to sell even on Ali. «Golden lived» ended literally in two or three years.

Knitting trouble is that almost everything can be copied and rubbed quickly.

What is the result? Everything is simple!

As soon as the master goes to the Fair with what others do not have, which is striking, which causes admiration — sales grow. In general, it is noticed that they are well taken by the author’s warm socks, mittens, caps, socks. Everything else is bought at the fairs much less often — mostly placed on order for already «prepared» customers. Although you yourself know everything about it.