What is the city of Fu different from the city ah?

For six years of our regular trips in Russia, a total of more than 110 cities, villages and other settlements. I had to trade even in an open field and dense forest.

And every time we were surprised at how much people live in our huge country, for whom they are characterized by a completely different attitude towards craft and handmade products.

It happens that

Now sales will go!

And they are not, they are minimal. And we are standing and miss not only with your glass, but all the masters in general. People go past and as if they do not see the masters, are not interested in completely beautiful things. Buy beer, shawarm, pancakes, kebabs, ice cream, and manual work does not take. Or will turn out and say to the master contemptuously:

-Fu, I can do it myself at home!

And for the entire trading day, it is recruited, about 8-10 thousand rubles, and some masters even stood in zero. There was no sales! Even the road did not beat.

I came across such a native Magnitogorsk and a number of larger cities.

Come on the other

How people live here! Nothing earn! So also the rain went …

But the holiday began, the festival, the day of the city, etc. And people are suitable for masters, communicate, asked, are immistent, even if they do not buy, but they will always say a lot of good, praise, will appreciate:

Oh what beauty!

And you understand that some kind of special city, people appreciate the manual work, and they are happy to buy it. And at the end of the day it turns out that sales are several times higher than in another millionth.

Such cities can be attributed to: Zlatoust, Miass, Elabugu, Tyumen, Krasnoyarsk, Yuzhnouralsk.

To be honest, I do not know how to explain such differences. But the fact remains the fact that even in some villages, at the bottom of a district there, sales of masters are much higher than in major cities.

Take for example my hometown of Magnitogorsk (I love him with all my heart). At the celebration of the City Day there was a manual fair — the people apparently invisible, they went having fun, drinking beer.

A couple of days later there was a day of the area in the neighboring Agapovka — 10 km. From our city (residents in this village are 65 times less than in Magnitogorsk), and the same master earned 18 thousand in 5 hours of a festive fair.

You can say a few words about Miass and Zlatoust — Vintage Gornozavod cities in the Urals. Not very greater, not such pathos, such as Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk or Yekaterinburg, but a lot of people appreciate manual work and with pleasure they buy Handmade.

Master of workshops are very good here. What, in principle, is not surprising, in these cities there are many small crafts and workshops, many people are busy in the private sector, so they know the price of manual work, they themselves do.

One of the familiar masters, a former practical psychologist, made a very interesting note: the larger in the city industry, the more plants and factory, the less people appreciate the products of handmade, respectively, if there are many small productions in the city, then in it a manual work is appreciated much more.

What do you think should agree with this conclusion?

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