What is Kalabashka and why foreign buyers are ready to pay for her big money


How much how much?

one thousand six hundred rubles zero kopecks,

Yes, you crazy! This mug cannot so much.

This is not a mug, it’s a cock.

I witnessed this short dialogue I was at the Bazhov festival last year. The woman sincerely wondered and, in all likelihood, thought she was going to fool. In fact, this price is just a gift for the Kuksu traditional art rules.

What kind of kuks, you ask?

After all, Calabashka says in the title of the article!

In fact, Calabashka and Kuks, in fact, the same thing is a small mug cut off entirely from a piece of very solid tree. Only Kalabashka this circle was called in Russia, and Kuksa — in Finland. Unfortunately, the original Russian title for some reason went to Toron, and the Finn’s more popular.

Calabashka (Cook, Calgashka, Calgan) is made from solid wood, in most cases from Kapa or Suwel Birch. It was the birch cap and suwel that Calabashka is unique, as if marble drawing, the necessary hardness, stroke resistance and other mechanical effects.

The peoples of the North have such mugs have almost sacred significance, it is believed that the spirit of the dwelling, when the owner sleeps, can drink from it. Finns use such tea mugs or as mini-pintizers, drinking frills and compotes, but they never pour alcoholic beverages in them. In Canada, the Indians are used in such circles, in the US, the dishes from Kapa Bereza are very popular with Hippie.

Fashion for Calabashki (dubs) arose relatively recently, in the last three to five years. Interest in this dishes, oddly enough to hear, is associated with the development of the movement workers’ movement, Bushkrafthers-Healthy men who roam from nothing on the forests, wear huge backpacks, try to survive in the forest without products (but with this backpack always clogs food) and Remove all this videos for YouTube (very often such men accompanies a whole film crew and a trailer for the roadside, and the roller is removed 15 meters from the road).

In theory, all these survival holders should cut such cups on their own, but many prefer to buy. It is believed that the real Cook can only be bought in Finland or … Siberia.

That is why our masters who are engaged in the manufacture of such circles, so often receive orders from abroad. Many masters have foreign buyers amount to 70%, sometimes more.

And if the kuksu can be sold abroad at a price of 100 to 160 dollars, then in Russia such mugs will not sell more than 4500 rubles. Therefore, when the master called an indignant woman price of 1600 rubles, it was actually a gift, and not the price.

Would you buy such a Calabashka?