What does a two-storey cottage look like, for the construction of which was spent 70 thousand rubles


The cottage settlement in which our workshop is located is approximately three kilometers from the city of Magnitogorsk (Yandex Maps show not accurate, but with a roulette crawling to the city there is no big desire). The village is extremely wonderful. And he is remarkable by the fact that he once created the leadership of the metallurgical plant for simple workers.

At first, employees wanted to issue free areas of 8 acres in size, but the high party bosses said that it was too. Indeed, for simple mortals enough and 6 acres: the house and the bath — everything else from the evil. But the plant management defended 8 acres of land for their employees. Having learned that all communications would be in the village, the factory authorities also wanted to the Earthlings. But since everyone was equal (but some are more equal), then in the second stage, the land was not so modest — 12 acres.

How to have a river and not get drunk — party bumps from the town also wanted land. They cut a little more — 14 acres. Everyone was equal in the country of advice! Some particularly «equal comrades» managed to grasp themselves … 10 plots. At least that woman who sold us the plot, there were … 12.

So, it was assumed that Magnitogorsk Metallurgists would live in their large families in their own huge cottages of 350-400 square meters, work for the good of the country, to cultivate 8 acres on their leisure to them, bring up children … flourish, in short.

But the restructuring and the collapse of the USSR made their own adjustments … others became flourishing.

The village was not particularly needed, there was no money for him, not to be built on that, no communications. Someone managed to build, someone is not. In the 90s, the sections in this village were sold for a penny. For 50-70 thousand it was possible to buy a plot with an unfinished box at home. And many sites moved from the hands of metallurgists into the hands of ordinary citizens who wanted to live in their own home and could afford it.

Bought and built. In the past 2000s, the settlement was grown, the cottages were visible apparently invisible, communications appeared, the Earth grew very much in price, and a unit can buy a plot. Given the current crisis, to build without a loan or sale of the apartment can generally units.

How to build a person if there is no money?

Simply no!

But it is necessary to live somewhere. So built.

The owner of the house deals with demolition and redevelopment of residential premises, so all the tools are at hand.

And materials?

Materials can be taken where they are no longer needed. And let them look non-pieces, were used, their values does not cancel — it is possible to build.

True, this warehouse does not really look like. You can even say — not very much. The neighbors went to the owner of the house, they walked to bring up order, swear, journalists called, and the result was the same — everything was as lying, and lies in the open sky. It is only possible to guess inside.

Of course, we will not build a house without money, therefore the construction budget was 70 thousand rubles. This was enough for the first floor, attic, turret and even a small balcony (apparently in order to overcome building materials).

And I’m sitting now, I look at the photo and I think: well, because a well done is a man, built! But such a garbage spread around, horror. It turns out and praise you can bounce. And what do you think?