What do you like, you will not earn


That ended in schools it is time for final exams. Our children stand on the threshold of a completely new life. Someone decided with his further sphere of activity himself, someone else fluctuates, someone does not know where to go. Well, someone parents speak directly: you will go to learn to a lawyer, economist, programmer, financier, etc. And very often the interests of a child or are not taken into account at all, or parents declare:


In fact, do not know! And do not even imagine how and what can be earned in 15-20 years. We think from the standpoint of twenty years ago, although we need to predict 20 years ahead. And it turns out that modern parents judge the future of their child with a fifty-year-old lag.

Let’s see how much lawyers do the specialty work? And economists? And managers? In fact, no more than half.

Yes, what to go far, I myself am on the second higher lawyer citizen. Yes, sometimes we advise friends and acquaintances, but no more. For a year now I am fully engaged in glass.

Who would know? This is generally impossible to predict!

My good friends, having watked your child in an art school for five years, after the end of the 11th grade they stuck their child … at the Faculty of State and Municipal Administration. And the child sincerely hates all this management Muo.

Will he work in the specialty?

No! And if it is, nothing good will not come out of this.

But now he manually paints with paints, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, trousers, dreams of buying a textile printer and its income per month already exceeds 20 thousand rubles, there are regular customers.


Yes! And do not even doubt it!

Most recently happened to familiarize himself with Iterview Gerd Leongard, the most influential EU CEO. So this person is completely reasonably suggesting that the economy of the future is the human economy. Robots and artificial intelligence will push all lawyers, accountants, economists, financiers, programmers, but we need exclusively «human» specialties that will be able to do something with their hands, create exclusive things.

As you already know recently ended the Bazhov Festival 2019. It happened on it to get acquainted with a huge number of people who are engaged in a favorite thing and earn it very well.

The economy of the nearest future is behind the people who are busy with their own business, in the eyes of which the spark is burning, who want and can create something with their own hands. That is why more and more appears in Russia

Yes, to engage in craft, to lead your own mini-business in this area is much more difficult than walking five days a week to work and receive a guaranteed salary. Yes, you can sit for days, weeks and even months to sit without money, but with an increase in skill, the money will appear, attachments to their own skills will reappear.

Therefore, dear parents, if you like something to do anything, then over time he will be able to earn it.

Do not doubt!