What can put the owner a regular country toilet: 3 reasons for which can be fined from March 1


Yes, I understand that now the crisis, people eat less, but sometimes we still certify natural need. And despite the fact that this case is deeply secret, native, you can even say, intimate, our domestic legislators reached it.

The fact that people are now removing greenhouses with capital foundations, clean the shed and garages, tolerate the baths — a children’s bow, no less unpleasant, bad-smelling a homeowner can present an ordinary street (and sometimes home) toilet, built on all the canons of ancient sorter architecture.

How do we build street toilets in Russia? Stupid question!

The owner comes out on a still undeveloped site and says: there will be a house, there is a bath, a garage, a swimming pool, and here in the corner, away from home and closer to neighbor will be a house «GDLC» — where the soul is easier.

So they come — the smell rose approximately the belt, throw several wooden beams, the boarded out of all this splendor to the booth.

Meanwhile, our domestic, member, legislators reached the sorted architecture.

No, licensing of this activity, thank God, has not yet introduced … But certain rules have established. And, as my practice shows, many houses for the relief of souls and bodies are in the root do not comply with the current legislation.

So, how can we now be completely legal to «shit»? It all depends on what land the toilet is located.

If it is the Land SNT,

But that’s not all!

Before the wells should be at least 8 meters (why to a neighbor house 12, and the well of only 8 I do not understand!), And to a street column or a spring — all 50. And no reservoirs nearby — the fish will be sick!

If it is the land of IZhS,

Before the well again should be at least 8 meters, and before the street column — 50.

Requirements for the toilet device.

In addition, the owner of the house must carry out every 6 months compulsory pumping accumulated good, after which it is carried out to produce disinfection using special preparations. Do not make any other — a fine of 1 to 2 thousand rubles.

If the owner is maliciously evaded from servicing his bad smelling property, then the penalty increases 2 times.

And more, the legislators and the level of content in the hidden fossa were concerned. Now there should be a distance of at least 35 centimeters between the surface layer of the Earth and the contents of the pit. As they say, did the case measured the roulette boldly!

So we wash on the mustache, we take a roulette, let’s measure, and even better than all with the earth and buy bio-toilets.