What can be found in the insulation under the roof: what the giant bumblebee nest looks like and works


The fact that the climate in the Southern Urals is changing is a fact. In my childhood (in childhood, all the grass is greener and the sun yellow) every winter strangled in such a way that the kopling kopling whole caves in the snowy snowdrifts. Now most of the winter snow we have about just above the soles.

Summer also changes — this year for six months — spring and summer — there were only three rain. The grass stands yellow preterorable — everything burned out. Even with the rim mushrooms — neither weak, nor oil, nothing.

Well, together with the climate, the composition of insects is changing, which are so trying to climb into your house and meet. About five years ago, I got to the house of Bogomol for the first time. Half the village boys gathered on the green animal. Everyone was waiting for it to show his kun-fu. Now at the Bogomols do not pay attention — these Asian comrades registered in our places for constant.

This year I had to meet with other uninvited guests from the world of insects.

And these «guests» were settled under the roof of our house.

We have a few neighbors on our village, so each spring cherry, apple tree and other blooming plantings are simply stuck with bees. Sometimes the wasps are flying to the guests — as a rule, they look at the fire when we dined on the site in front of the house, and the same was removed. These predators arrive to seal the remains of food behind lazy owners.

However, in the spring, we began to notice that in addition to the OS and bees, we flew to our site, as if to softening, the helicopters of the Coma. At first we thought that it was well-depleted on the master dinners — they were so big.

But then, it became clear that this is a completely different look!

And he lives somewhere near us. Then these helicopters began to fly under the roof of the house. Children quickly realized where they are equipped with a «airfield» — a strand over the porch.

This year, I just planned to repair the insulation of the attic — she suddenly became cold and it was decided to learn the cause. In general, reverence the pie of the wall, I climbed inside.

It turned out that the bumblebees flew under the roof of the house through a thin slit. And there already built a housing for all money — a thin membrane of windproofs spruce and straight in the insulation, soft french glass, organized a cozy nnoveschko.

Since the nest was in a mink out of glass, and even under the heated sheets of metal, «helicopters» made a hangar without traditional paper walls, as the wasps do.

Bumblebees placed cocoons right in the thickness of the insulation. Under the heated roof, the wax heats up and the entire room smells like a pleasant honey smell — after all, it was exactly the wild honey and pollen fed the bumblebee in cockcons while they grew.

Unfortunately, the nest was already abandoned.

The fact is that such nests of the bumblebee build in the spring and all summer are grown in it. Then the adult generation perishes, and the young man flies out of the nest, breaks into the ground to a depth of 15 centimeters and thus winter. In the spring, with the arrival of heat and the Sun, females crawl out of the ground and again build sockets.