«Well, a woman cannot receive so much. I am the boss, but I have not seen such money»: why some professions get more than others


More and more I am convinced that the time of big earnings from managers and other office plankton irrevocably passed. In the late 90s, the start of zero most of us dreamed of going from the plant somewhere in the office, become a sales manager, a lawyer, an administrator and earn less normal money.

Today it turns out that too many people have convinced the offices, and to work where it really has to work (work with hands, and not to sit down a pop-clock for plating a jamble and stacking in instagram) Staff in the afternoon do not find fire.

So it turns out that there, where people are too much — salary grow with a meager pace or even fell, and where there are no people, the salary rose at times. The specific situation, whose witness I was today.

For the finishing of our new workshop (plaster, putty, alignment of walls, painting, decorative plaster), we were looking for a good specialist who would do not fall off, but with a soul.

Which is an attraction called «Find a literate builder», many know no herself. In the same year, the attraction turned into a comedy with elements of tragedy. All builders are snapped.

We waited for a queue for «your» finishing two months!

All familiar said: this special class, everything will make everything quickly and efficiently. Once good, it means waiting. waited. The master was a fragile woman, with a beautiful manicure, hairstyle. It brings her husband on a good car. It went, looked, said that she needed from materials, in what quantity and the next day began to work.

They say that three things can be watching infinitely: how water runs, fire burns and man works. How Lena works … This is an unreal pleasure.

Beginning from the facade. I went raining and from the street she moved inside and started the plasterboard gun. Rain ended — moved to the street. The volume where the brigade of three people offered us to do in three days, she took the day. I planned that it would work at least a month, but a week passed, and she had a maximum of two days of work.

A week, she earns 50 thousand rubles clean.

This morning, Bazik X3 was brought to us (Bavarian Automobile Plant).

Of it, a neat, slightly complete man and somehow assertive, asks:

I see here you have a finishing woman?


How can I find it, maybe she will then go to the house.

-And to look for her, Lena in the workshop sits tea drinks.

The conversation was surprisingly short. The man closed the door, sat in the car and left. But on this story did not end. Before lunch, I decided to drop off the bread in the pyater. I stand at the checkout when a familiar voice is heard from behind his back:

-Do how much do she pay?

Looked back, there was a non-public owner of the boomer.


-In the course, how much did she ask me?

-No, did not ask.

50 per week!

Nuuu also comes out, maybe a little less.

This is 200 per month!

So what?

She is a simple finish.

I will not literally reproduce our conversation.

But the man sincerely wondered how so: he is a boss in industrial production, a salary of 100-110, a bunch of responsibility, people in submission, and here one woman, albeit the master, but receives two times more. And all her skill is to spat the globe or plaster mix.

And, most importantly, I could not convince him that a person who will make a decorative finish of his house will handle the materials of 2-3 thousand per bucket or bag, and their total cost is over 300 thousand, can not Work for a penny. On the other hand, it turns out that the work of the «boss» is greatly discharged — it receives at times less «simple finishes».

What to say?

That is life!

If a person is a professional, a master of his case, then he must receive the payment for his work. And since the masters today will not find the day with fire, then they prescribe the price tag for their services.

The same, by the way, happens with hired workers from the Sunny Republics. Tajiks and Uzbeks are far from cheap chawl and for soy dirty work they are asking not at all budget amounts. The era of «cheap interbricades» passed, ready to work for the dummy’s cup passed.