We thought to engage in the glass expensive.


Sometimes it makes me. I start lifting the nose above the top of the top, look at the others down and think that I am the coolest, successful needlewoman.

Still would!

Without someone’s help to accumulate to your own workshop, in two hands it is built to buy all the necessary equipment, invested over a year more than 800 thousand rubles for the year. Orders, work, creativity, flight of ideas … as they say, wicked us only boiled eggs!

But the universe is smart, infection, the thing. It feels «drifts» and almost immediately gives the right to people lying on the nose (for the first time) — do not be proud and do not shift. Who does not understand the first click, this usually arrives in the face of aige.

We traded in one of the largest shopping centers of the city, there was a girl next to us, which traded the alarms, pillows, children’s things, t-shirts, patches, towels, textile gift sets, felt caps for a bath, pondes … just a huge number of things.

The range was just very wide. And all things were embroidered with beautiful colored threads. So thinly, bright, beautiful and tasteful that a rare woman passed by this table. Even serious ladies who fucked by the branded Packages of Dolchigabany, Lucinagoviton, Kevinaklyane, often stopped and acquired something like this …

Our trading, too, was pretty Boyko, but in the evening the crowd of people came up to no and there was time to sit, throw a couple of words with other masters, walk around the rows and take it out of a loved one — in any case to sit until the shopping center is close to closing it is forbidden.

In the end, they talked to our neighbor. The word for the word and then the universe gave us to wipe in full. Olga, so called our neighbor, professional seamstress and that says it all studied in one of the colleges of our city, after which, as many graduates went to work in Atelier. A year later married, a child was born, decree …

And here it was the problem: what to do? Go back to work in atelier? Work on uncle? I really did not want, especially the atmosphere in the former team was not very «healthy.»

Olga decided.

As Atelier works, she knew, from all the «cuisine» was familiar, but did not want to open a new one. The girl decided to work as herself — do beautiful, high-quality, unique things that can be sold not only at sales fairs, but also to take in shops, fabrics, linen, making gift, souvenir and other products.

The decision was given to her and her husband is not easy. They did not fit on credit, and sold the car. The husband worked on MMK and just calculated for the car, the Korean crossover. This money was purchased:

In total, the seamstow invested in his business (the language does not turn this on earnings) almost a million one hundred thousand rubles (and here we sit down such steep and important).

Now, with regard to sales, expenses, advertising, promotion. The girl has a group of Vkontakte, but it does not actively do it, because it does not cope with orders. Basic sales channels:

The maximum embroidery size in its typewriter 40 * 41 cm. The main article costs — buying fabrics and textile products, although on the threads also leaves decently — one bobbin costs 270 rubles (3,000 rubles per box), 980 rubles are metallized threads.

Although the purchase was sold and stated that the animal of the beast, it takes only 60 seconds on the logo, during the day you can do not tightening 720 products, 1,500 stitches are made, and the cost of one embroidery is only 50 kopecks — this is just an advertising and marketing artistic whistle.

As it turned out in fact:

Most of all buy embroidered towels and bed linen — they are ordered for firms, hotels, hotels, etc., but the profit from them is very small. The largest profit gives the manufacture of kitchen sets, things for the bath, children’s things. For example, Olga’s towel buys for 35 rubles at wholesale database, and sells in a set for 120, and in this set of 3 towels and it costs, respectively, 360 rubles. Net profit from one set, if you calculate all costs, 190 rubles, with children’s things it turns out less.

Here is such a simple matermatics. They gave a loan for a new car for a year and a half. What to say? Yes, well done!

We also have in