We thought Ceremak, and, it turned out, the Ural Switzerland: why the Germans go to a small village massively


In the evening, another Turgroup of Germans arrived at the recreation base. In the new bright red, lemon-yellow and worn-black polar jackets with proud inscription of Columbia, warmed winter shoes with a breathable membrane, the Germans crowded at the fence of the temple. Gunningly talking on, tsoky language, they photographed everything that can, every brick, every bull on the fence and they shot at the recreation center.

By morning, frost intensified.

Mercury column, competing with the pool of the cold, went to the temperature record. Crystal clear, with notches of pine resin and birch firewood, the air was sowed. In the ringing silence there was not even a dog flaw. Boycott’s morning singing was declared even restless roosters.

But despite the firing frost, a small Ural village, kaga, woke up. That’s where the sounds of the heads of the cars were heard there, here someone had already drove on the tractor, the arrow ranked and worn behind the mountain of a snowmobile.

Some locals have already managed to clean the cows. An next portion of the smoking manure was taken out on a wheelbarrow and walked to their borenos with bales of the Zeranged Sen.

Opened and the most famous in the village store — Chicaga. After half an hour on the threshold of the store appeared … Appeared … A figure appeared.

The figure was scutched in two !!! Columbia’s warm jackets, on which some particularly warm Arctic vest stretch from above.

From the fine slit, which formed two hoods was leaned with a red, rolling into the blue nose. Then, of the same slit in the hood in a warm air of the store, lips were moved. A little thought and, referring to the amazed saleswoman, to live the frozen German tourist slowly, almost in syllables, with a wild accent said:

-Aaaaaaalenyaki, Vaaaaezhyka and Earshaaan … Saltier. And vodka suite!

Did not stand the silent equipment of the Ural Frost!

I do not know, it was actually or not, but our friends told me this story (they already come back to their parents as 12 years old). Yes, this is not particularly important, the other is important — in this small Ural village every year, in the winter and in the summer foreign tourists are massively arrived. Among which there are a lot of Germans.

Looking through video clips on YouTube, I heard such an epitheet several times in relation to the village:


How wrong! Three large tourist bases, a lot of guest houses, three museums, a huge number of natural attractions, from which you can simply turn the neck — all this testifies to the opposite.

Kaga is part of the Southern Urals Gornozavodskaya Belt. Here was a huge Demidovsky Reliable Plant, which subsequently bought the German concern «Wright».

Industrial peasants lived in the village, that is, the peasants who worked at the factory. All this imposed a peculiar imprint. It is his and the unimaginable nature of the nature coming to evaluate European tourists.

For sowing pennies (for them, of course), foreign tourists organize a rich weekly program, with equestrian and sanny tours, climbing the mountain, viewing the horseshoe-emitty of the river Belaya, Bay, visiting museums, temple, plant residues, etc.

All this pleasure stands for Europeans 10 times cheaper than a visit to the side, Swiss resorts.

Think, exactly 10 times! Rest in Russia costs Germans to a maximum of a thousand or a half thousand euros, in Switzerland, a normal rest can freely translate in 20 thousand.

Of course, this year, the Horthland German speech in Kahe was not heard, but the «imported browse» was partially replaced by summer houses, which this year was especially much. With me, the owner of a huge Toyota Landkruizer bought a three-liter of pair milk from a local farmer.

But for some reason, there was a taint with Russian tourists. Dachniki is fully, and the turmpotok declined. How so? The Europeans rated, come, admire wildlife, and our tourists do not even know about such a place.

Maybe it makes sense to better advertise «attraction places» for internal tourism?

Russia is a huge and stunningly beautiful country, and many do not even know which beauty is under the side.

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