We spied how the fireplaces from Lerua Merlen are made.


Guess what the most and most important sign that a person has a life in Russia?

No No Home … The house is useful — they live in it.

No, not a Mercedes at the gate … Even the super-threshing attack is also needed, children in school are not a bike.

And so no longer a cottage … I’m silent at all about the cottage — in Russia they do not rest at the cottages, and all summer they have been growing more than comrade of Stakhanov in the riggy gallery.

No, no and NO!

Sign of what life took place, you have no money chickens and even a pig in Klelev goes in mink manto, is a completely apear thing — a fireplace. Of course, this thing is not so kept, because not everyone can lay out honestly earned 40 thousand per fireplace in a minimum configuration.

The fact is that the fireplace, and especially electrocamine is just an expensive toy. And if you have such a toy, then all others and you yourself first and foremost, in the passport in the column, material well-being are ticking opposite the word «burzhuy».

Well, if the fireplace is lying on the floor in the fireplace, the rocking chair is measly, in which the owner is sitting at home and drinks brandy from a wide glass … then … let the whole world wait. His Majesty will rest free to rest!

In major cities, the Vniply Attribute of Bourgeois Happiness is buying, as a rule, in construction hypermarkets: Lerua Merlen, Obi, Castorma, Dorry. Or in specialized fireplace stoves.

Naturally, in hypermarkets prices at least a little, but will be lower, since no specialized store compares with hypers in the volume of purchases. The manufacturer simply will not give such a discount.

So, what is the standard electro-fireplace for a private house or apartment. This is the so-called firecroof set, which consists of:

I will not delve into the types of foci and other technical component (if it is interesting — write in the comments, I will tell you what foci it is worth it, and what is slag).

I’ll show you what you get for your:

Blood earned 35-45 thousand (it all depends on the greed of the seller), to which you need to pay attention to. And why many make such a fireplace with their own hands and they get cheaper 4 times and more beautiful.

The portal of the fireplace is two small couch, which are sealed with a gypsum stone. Seams are blocked by brown grout to create the illusion of masonry. An arch of an ordinary chipboard is screwed onto the cabinets, which is also placed gypsum tiles.

From above the whole design crowned «wooden» shelf.

And if the portal himself looks outside, the portal looks like, then inside you can see a brilliant engineering structure called «Lutchy Tryndets».

Let’s start with the fact that the frame or at least there is simply no rinbera.

Well, not taken!

Everything keeps due to the massiveness of the hearth.

By the way, the whole design assembly weighs not comic 62 kilograms. With the exception of the middle part made from the chipboard — everything else is clean MDF.

Do you think that for 40 thousand regiment and the stand will be out of wood?


Pure MDF, which is categorically contraindicated contact with any moisture. You will wash the floors around — do not give God under the Bourgeois, happiness will check at least a drop of water. There is no bottom of the varnish — it will smell a mogrenental.

From the reverse side, everything is painted by manually by an ordinary pile brush along the ancient technology «I TAK SOYDET». In principle, indeed, and so it will go, but everything is screwed to each other by self-draws by 20 mm. Someone is noticeable to the deflection. And this will not be so coming. For greater stability, it is better to fasten any bars.

As I said, a wooden shelf with a decor is also not quite wooden. This pressed dust from the fireplaces of real bourgeois. Water is afraid categorically. It was painted this dust already assembly, so you see what you see.

A close acquaintance with the brilliant design leads to an understanding that it is better to do it yourself and it will cost many times cheaper. My good acquaintance such a fireplace made himself exactly three days.

And it turned out, he is not much worse in appearance, but it is very stronger in time. Instead of plaster tile, he used plasterboard, and instead of MDF — an ordinary wooden shield, manually torn off.

But the most interesting next. The fact is that the focus (if the heating is not particularly needed, and there is a desire to simply create a beautiful entourage) can be freely replaced with TV. Instead of an expensive focus of 19 thousand, a TV is bought on which the brain’s screensaver with sound accompaniment is downloaded.

Voila, the fireplace is ready!

And, by the way, it will be atmospheric, because in standard fireplace foci, the sound of burning firewesters is transmitted by the Maaaaaaaly Speaker from Nokia 3110, with a microscopic whistle.

In the store, where a lot of noise, do not understand anything, the edge of the ear is heard as the firewood. At home, you understand that Chinese sound designers have grudged you cruelly, as the lump and caring from the micro-dynamics are more like a killer of the hungry cups in the port. In the TV, there are two normal speakers and sound is just fantastic.

What is the result?

According to the result, if there is 40K for the pleasure that you will receive 10-15 per year, and there is no desire to do something with your own hands, then … you can take such a thing.

If the hands grow out of normal technological holes, then such a fireplace is better to do. This will: