We overtook America: how much it costs to build with your own hands in 2021 frame and brick houses in 100 sq.m


Until 2021, any average Russian who wanted his own, let it be small, but still his own house, stood before the eternal question:

And we were very similar to the Americans in this: and they, and our frames always went cheaper than a stone. The brick was a status symbol — you have Mercedes, has become a steep lawyer or a deputy of the Mountains Middle Vashuki — a straight road to brick novel.

In 2019, the frame house of 100 kV / m was built by my acquaintance for 1.950.000 rubles. Sasha a little goodness man, built everything himself. The only place where he made professionals is a pile foundation.

The project was so successful that many of our common acquaintances wanted to build it. This included:

The pile foundation with a complete strapping, reinforcement, metal painter (in 2019 — 90 thousand / in 2021 — 350 thousand).

Frame with glazed in 24 square meters. The frame was counted from a dry boards of natural humidity at a price of 15.5 thousand per cubic meter. Planed chamber chamber drying we cost 32 thousand per cube. Total (370/820 thousand rubles).

Soft roof technonikol. It has risen in price almost twice due to lining — plywood. (160/350 thousand rubles).


Chernovaya trim plywood — price-space (240/620 thousand).

Engineering communications. Only the cable went up for the last month by 42% — (275/590 thousand).

Pistiral finish: Some of the lining (raised 3 times), a little plasterboard and GVL, everything is as painting. (310/720 thousand).

Everything else is overhead, unacceptrons and so on.

At the prices of 2021, the same house builders considered the owner at 4.050.000 rubles. And this is only on materials when taking into account that the purchase will be conducted at prombasters with a dealer discount. And this is approximately 25% of the retail price for people from the side. For the work of a little more than half.

In the US, the average cost of a skeleton house in economy segment in a slightly prestigious area approaches 180 thousand dollars, and this is about 12-13 million rubles.

What nonsense, how could we catch up with America? They have more expensive at home!

I will tell you more, we not only caught her, but also overtake. And all because now the construction of a house of 100 kV / m from a slagoblock or simple brick without an exterior decoration, which is often not needed when laying under the launch, will cost a private developer about 3.8 million rubles.

That is, in Russia, right now to build a stone house from a slagoblock or brick is cheaper than the «frame chicken coop» from a golden tree. They live in stone houses Elite or those who have such a house for a very long time. Build a stone house for a simple person in the USA — non-disabilities.

In Russia, the frame house is now more expensive than stone. They have a stone builds elite, we have nishchebudes. Of course, this is an evil irony, but it is worth thinking about the fact that we have a «special way.»