Watering cans and hoses are no longer needed: from trimming the pipe invented the watering system in the greenhouse


This article was supposed to be a furor, an apogee engineering thought on our garden … did not and never become. And the reason for this is the Chinese. It turns out that these gabers, these comrades who are not comrades at all … They invented my invention two thousand years ago. I hoped that I would at least give the Nobel Prize (or at least Schnobelian) … will not give.

Exactly will not give!

I’m talking about everything in order.

Thanks to the efforts of my wife, the true sequence of Michurina, gardening and gardening I love more and more (but it’s not exactly 😎, the main thing is not to say about it).

Spep? Easily!


To feed or fertilize?

Even easier!

The only thing I do not like from childhood is to water. It does not matter, hose or watering can, in any case, it is uncomfortable, hard and just a loss of precious time. Therefore, there is a system of watering around our site: along the fence on the flat belt is attached a pipe from black-plastic and removal and every 6 meters are made, each tap is connected through a separate crane to sprinklers.

The system is powered by two Euro-cubes with a powerful pump. In general, everything was done very conveniently — opened the crane on the desired sprinkler and beds under torrential rain.

But what to do with greeners? There, there are no circular sprinklers.

I thought for a long time and found a solution.

In the garage I was lying trimming a black pipe with a diameter of 20 mm.

Their lengths enough just on the greenhouse.

What I’ve done.

The pipe is taken and cut into two parts, which are equal to the length of the greenhouse (or beds standing in it). For this, I additionally needed a screwdriver and 1.5 mm drill. For a second greenhouse, for the sake of experiment, I made a hole with a diameter of 1 mm. and 2 mm. For irrigation, the holes in 1 mm are best suited. — It will not be too hard to seize the water pressure.

Required to splashing «droks» drill in a cunning system: a zigzag every 2.5 centimeters. It is in this order that the splashing will be the most uniform.

After that, I dragged the pipe into the greenhouse and took it to its ordinary blue tape to the longitudinal beam, which prudently secured over the bed. Initially, we wanted to tie the cucumbers for this beam.

Both pipes are connected by a tee.

The lower pipe along the walls of the greenhouse goes to the ground, where it is connected to the flexible hose through which water is supplied from the main pipe coming on the fence.

Every morning and evening, my «Michurinka» comes to this kranel and … Everything. 10 minutes and the crane can be closed, everything hardered so much that there is almost fog in the greenhouse. And the cucumbers and tomatoes are wet, the earth in the garden beds thoroughly.

True hits the path, but it will be spoken on my curves hands. But the bunch of time is saved (20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening — count how much falls for the month, and over the summer !!!).

And now about the Chinese. It turns out on the creation of powder they did not stop. Exactly such a system of watering vegetable 2000 years ago invented in Guangzhou Province. Only instead of the pipe, the children of Uncle Si jumbled bamboo trunks. And absolutely, all the vegetables were poured in almost automatic mode.

Such pies. I stayed without the Nobel Prize. We’ll have to invent anything else. Where are you my million wander?

How do you water your «greenhouse» harvest? They speak this year, many tight with cucumbers.