Vick Munis: To the world glory he was led by a shot


This smiling person is the name of Vicente José de Oliveira Munis. Abbreviated all I know him as Vic Munis. Despite the fact that it is a modern sculptor, all modern critics and art historians put it for one step with Mondrian, Malevich, Picasso, Van Gogh. This is a living legend … who was born in the Brazilian Faverch, and on the way to the world glory, she was waiting for her foot.

You can even say a little differently: it is thanks to this event, Vick Munis was able to take the first step to glory. But first things first.

Vic was born in 1961 in Brazil in one of the poorest São Paulo regions in the family, as you understood the most real poor. Poor has nowhere! Despite the fact that the father and mother worked in several works, the money in the family is catastrophically lacked.

Already in early childhood, Vic showed the ability to draw, its graphic works by an ordinary handle in a simple cellular notebook hit everyone. And precisely thanks to these works, Vika could give a small municipal scholarship to pay for training in an art school.

Already at 18, I just finished learning in an art school, and, flying like a plywood over Paris with training at the Institute (scholarships, he was not given — they said too expensive), Vick got a small firm to draw out street posters. At night, he painted work for the soul and secretly hoped for something to show them to real artists.

And one day this case was introduced. A well-known Brazilian artist and a familiar Wika managed to agree on their meeting. The young man fled with the boiled drawings on the reception when he saw how the hooligans be hit to his friend from the next street.

He rushed to spread the scooling, they started to win the victory with each other, when suddenly one of the hooligans shot him down!

It was unexpectedly for everyone, he was frightened and shot himself. In order not to get into the police, he asked the Vika to hide the shot for a certain fee. And Vic agreed …

On the money received, he bought a ticket one way: to New York. Having moved to the States, Vick took a small studio for symbolic money from a friend and began to photograph hard, draw, sculpt … He rushed to all spheres of art in an attempt to earn at least some money.

His first success came after a trip to the plantation of sugar cane. Seeing, in what conditions are the collectors’ children working, he was so impressed that he did on a large sheet of plywood mosaic from the pieces of cane and scattered sugar. His work was bought for 50 thousand dollars. Almost all the money, he listed into the fund to assist children-collectors of sugar cane.

He took the second step towards success after the trip to the largest landfill of the world. From the garbage assembled right on the dump, he laid out a mosaic in the form of women cleaners. From a long distance, his mosaic was not distinguished from photographs.

The resulting cycle of work disassembled museums and private collectors. For him, he helped over a million dollars. And again, almost all the money he listed into the fund to help the heroes of his cycle.

He did a third step in 2019, when he presented a series of works collected from dozens and hundreds of thousands of pieces of Italian glass — Millefiori. Each job leaves from 35 to 160 thousand pieces. The mosaic of this scale is unique.

Look at how accurately selected colors. Some Millefii are made on special marking in Italy. Each work is estimated at 5 million dollars. And most of them are sold.

In 2020, Vick Munis came to the cover of Times magazine as an artist of the new wave of the Third Millennium. But the main thing in his activity is charity. The leaving from the poorest districts of Brazil, he in 2011 became the ambassador of the goodwill of UNESCO. A few years ago, a huge art school was built for children from poor families.

In my opinion, in addition to achievements in art and universal recognition, the main thing in the life of any person — to remain a person, to be himself. And Vick Munis remained.

Having access to big money, he did not hoisted the golden crown on his head, did not raise the mortals to the sounds of copper pipes, but lives in modesty, since almost all earned money spends on charity.

And, yes … Thank you for reading to the end.