To order or for sale: what is more profitable?


Once in one of the journals in needlework, I read this idea: at the beginning of my creative path, after making a decision on the monetization of my case, any master should determine if he would do things to order or for sale. In fact, this is complete nonsense: I do not know a single master who would only make one and completely refused another.

You yourself know yourself that life is far from black and white and not even 50 shades of gray, it is much richer and more diverse. Therefore, each master tries to combine both schemes: they made it an order for the manufacture of one or another thing — well, there are no orders — you can do something for sale.

By and large, the same is equally profitable both — in any case, the master gets money. The issue of convenience is more important: some masters deliberately make things for sale, motivating that they are so convenient: I did what I want, and this thing will be bought. Although, of course, it happens that things are «hanging» and are not sold for a very long time. Other masters pedpally do things to order: a customer addressed, discussed the details, performed the work, received money.

But there are some pitfalls that you can and need to go around. If the wizard is required to order, it is very important to discuss all the parameters of the future product in detail.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible. In our practice there were several situations when they ordered hours, but then the customer changed his decision and demanded that adjustments. Or spoke directly, I do not like the color, although it was warned that the glass very often changes the color when baking. Well, here you have to negotiate (naturally, within the framework of the legal field).

We always try to have several unique things in stock, because very often we are turned urgent: for a birthday or anniversary, you need a gift, you need to make a present to the boss or good friends, give, for example, hours on a housewarming, an exclusive photo frame for a wedding or Celebration.

This service was made in cooperation with a professional artist Rivne 20 days ago and today he leaves for Moscow — they bought it as a gift for one very good person.

And let’s touch another moment. Abroad traditionally believes that the Master takes three stages in his «trading» development:

First, the master makes things for sale, as he has no regular customers, he needs to introduce his work as many people as possible;

Gradually, in the work of the wizard, they begin to prevail the things made to order, since he grows the number of talent admirers, constant orders appear;

Having reached the top of the skill, the master begins to work for sale again, as it makes no sense to adapt to the needs of customers, he is the Creator, so everything that he does — buy: collectors, salons, museums, shops, art galleries.

In my opinion, this scheme is interesting, but for Russia it does not fit, we do not have such a handmade industry, which has developed abroad, so you have to combine both directions.

Or I’m wrong?

And more convenient for you: do things to order or for sale?