Three undeservedly «forgotten» crafts that allow you to make a very good

Modern techniques and technologies are actively penetrating in needlework. Many masters use laser cutting machines, CNC, polymeric materials, self-depleting rubber, metal clays, plastics, rubber and latex. To seek a new one, discover unusual materials — this is normal.

However, I can not agree with the voices that argue that the cross can be put on the traditional craft. Often write in the comments:

Yes, now do not buy anything.

I did not sell it.

-The pulled and threw.

This is needed these trays (etc., etc.)?

I do not buy crafts.

Meanwhile, individual types of needlework and crafts, which are considered unpopular, allow masters do not just have their bread, but also to smear the oil on this bread, and sometimes pamper themselves with ancorder.

Did not convince? Show!

How do you like dough rolling and cookies made from natural tree? The master for a long time cut out such races himself. I pulled out the basis on the lathe, the drawing cut out manually.

Over time, I purchased a CNC milling machine. Now these rollers are departed throughout Russia, in the near and far incident, their store on Essi, the Fair of Masters, Groups in social networks.

At the handmade festival, the wizard sold its products at a price of 2100 to 5500. For three days, 64 pieces were purchased.

Fii, who needs such dishes, will say some.

And by the way, the master sends from (notice not «before», and «from») 50 pieces per month of such mugs (dubs) to Canada and the USA, there are regular customers from Australia, Finland, Germany. All this is due to the fact that the dishes are made from Siberian pine.

In Russia, sales are not so significant, but for life, rides, rest for the family is enough. At the festival only with me such mugs (stood about 15 minutes) bought 4 pieces!

What else do you need? A person is engaged in his favorite thing and earns at it well!

Do you know how much is the author’s Tues from Berriesh? Not Chinese, not semi-lisher, real tuys, made of tree bark, which grew in an eco-friendly place?

I also thought that a penny!

And when I needed to buy such Tues for my Ivan-tea double fermentation, I learned that a good TUUS can cost 3200, 4500 and even 6000. And with painting, patterns and other buns easily reaching 9000 -11000.

At least, Tuesy (big, but without decorators) cost in bulk 3,600.

And about Lozpletenie I will say.

With Master Yuri Alexandrovich, I met in Yuzhnouralsk. We went to Chelyabinsk and decided to rinse the market for dishes. On the parking lot right at the entrance stood the eleventh toast scored by all sorts of baskets, boxes, tables, and even a chair, like a throne, and wrecked the trunk of the car.

We liked two baskets so much that we decided to buy them, but there were no places — the daughter was brought to study, so the car was also a bit of clogged with things and strategic reserves of products.

It is a pity that Vesta is not rubber!

Agreed that we will go back and take. After 6 o’clock we arrived back for their baskets. And the grandfather is not!

Threw! — We thought.

Knock-Knock! He knocked in the window of the car guard from the parking lot.

You are not outside baskets? I saw you in the morning!


-Well, Yuri Ivanovich everything has already sold, and I left me with my business card.

We took a business card and baskets. And in the summer at the festival, I again met with the master. Of the three days of the festival, he stood a half — all soldered. True, he brought not so much with him because he has enough orders from wholesale customers.

He has been engaged in the Lose since 1991. She is his feeder and sighting, the pension does not even remove from the card.

The main feature is a wicker furniture, tables, chairs and chaise lounges for baths and saunas. Design he takes from Asian stores selling rattan, but embodies from our vine.

These are the pies. Rather basket!

You can, of course, would not tell about three kinds of crafts, but much more. About trays, painting, copper … examples then mass. But this is not the main thing. The main thing is that the real master can always earn on his own business, even if it is not «popular.»

By the way, many at first glance «profitable» and «popular» types of handmade, on the contrary, do not give expected income and masters often have to change the occupation or go back to the office, to the plant.

Want to tell? Guess what I mean! Write in the comments!

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