Three stages of development of the master: Most stuck in the second.


It goes without saying that anyone, if he is engaged in some kind of business, in his skills do not stand still.

It develops!

Accordingly, the entire development process can be divided into certain stages. Depending on the skill, you can allocate: apprenticeship (when you comprehend the basics), skill (grind the skills) and the highest stage of skill — Creator (above you only the sky). But these stages are known to any little to a literate person.

I was interested in this question: is it possible to allocate individual stages from the point of earnings on your skills?

It turned out quite possible!

In fact, any handmade master is in its development not three stages, and four. But the first stage is not related to earnings, so it can be not considered. Let it be zero.

I give everyone.

I give everyone, everyone takes.

The main task of this stage, which should be implemented as soon as possible — get fame. As soon as the master appears a name, it goes to the second stage.

Everyone takes.

Almost all the masters dream that they have a big flow of orders. But it was in this that the greatest problem is: not to burn, do not ride your handicrafts when the master becomes a stampers of previously made masterpieces. And gradually the soul goes out of work, creativity is lost.

Two of my good friends, reaching the peak of orders, were forced to just close their workshops — overcoiled. One complained:

Yes, I can’t look at the potted circle! You sit all day and stamps the same thing.

Rare masters can go from this stage to the next one.

Do you know why?

Because for step, you need courage, time and decent material resources.

I give everyone.

How it is?

Yes, like that!

At the third stage, the master goes from handicrafts and becomes the Creator. He just does what he wants and puts it on sale. He makes no sense to search for orders — he knows: everything he does — buy.

But for this you need years of hard work, the name and good material base. Not all customers and worships of the wizard can understand and take such a step.

Some masters return back to the second stage, many simply stop working. But, if it turns out, only here the master gets a real opportunity to create a soul and heart.

There are no such things among the glasswear of Russia (there are quite a few such masters abroad). In other spheres of handmade masters of the third level, I know a man 10.

Agree or not?

At what stage are you now?