Three most popular questions that ask January 1: Why?



With the coming!

And you also!


Who is homeless living?

Put me a wet cloth on my forehead !!!

Set the three most important questions: why? Why? What to do? — Traditional fun of almost all the inhabitants of this ball, who celebrate the New Year (not only in Russia). Yes, yes, in many countries, the population is celebrated to such an extent that the next day says:



What to do?

Well, since the second question is, as it were, the answer to the first, we will focus on the third. Cool logic, yes?

So what will we do during this year?

In general, the 2020th year was for our workshop and the canal quite successful. The channel, which was conceived as a small art glass workshop blog, suddenly rushed up:

It pleases, on the other hand imposes great responsibility: I do not want to lose your trust, do not justify expectations. This is a decent cargo.

Moreover, on our mail every day letters come with proposals to advertise credit cards, participation in lotteries, investments, schools and academies of earnings and other slag.

Gentlemen, there was never on this channel and there will be no advertising in this form.

The only possible form of advertising: a review provided for the test (temporary use, as a gift, etc.) Things that will seem necessary to me and useful with all its advantages and minuses. Honestly, without embellishment and hiding. If you are confident in your product, and it carries real benefits for people — as they say, Walkam!

The channel «Glass Fairy Tale» will continue to issue articles on the following topics:

Plans for the master of the workshop and our family:

In addition to these plans, there is one global goal, which (I do not promise, but there is a very big desire) I would like to fulfill in 2021: Go to Vladivostok and back, removing the film about it. It’s just a very big «Wishlist».

It turns out or not, I do not know, but the whole family voted — for.

What do you think is worth it?

What else can be done in the 21st year? O! It is necessary to go after one bottle of mineral water.

P.S. Yesterday I wished all the opening of the desired door in the new year … But there will be no health to be strengthened … well, for health!