There is a museum in the US, to look at which crowds come, but few go inside: the thing is from what he is made


Good day, friends!

Let me ask you a question: how do you imagine the museum?

No, not a major museum of arts such as Hermitage, Gima or Louvre, but the most rented, provincial local lore museum. Something like the local history museum of the village is Lower Guadukino, in which there is a half pasta in one lunar month, and two excursions from the nearest school for the tick in the magazine of the teacher.

If no joke. I give my head on the clipping, that it will be a boring gray building with a smashed tablet, old doors and windows, grandmothers sitting in the halls. And for years not changing exposure in the form of a rusty iron of the first resident of the village and other Kunshutyuki.

And today I will tell you how …

But first a slight retreat.

All those engaged in art glass know that the most beautiful and expensive glass is a dichroik. This glass, which causes a special coating of noble metals. Due to this coating, glass reflects only part of the sunny spectrum. Therefore, if you twist such a glass in the sun, it will start playing one or two colors.

Dichroik comes to us here in such boxes (in the photo above). I don’t ask about the price better — it is the pain of any master. For such a box, the master is given 6-7 thousand rubles.

The glass is completely transparent, and it happens opaque (deaf), as in the photo below.

If such fragments are folded together, cover with transparent glass and bake, it turns out such beauty:

No photo reports the game color and light on dichroika. You can constantly admire it.

And now … Actually about the museum.

There are a small provincial town of Kansas City in the US, in which a little more than 450 thousand people live. The city is located in the midst of the endless Prairies of the former Wild West. Once here the cowboys have hunted on the Indians, the Indians took off the scalps from the cowboys and, in general, there was some kind of driving.

But over time, the Indians were supplied to the reservation, the cowboys were extinct, and the city turned the ordinary provincial town of Gorodishko. In which, according to the global tradition, there must be a local history museum. And, traditionally, for a long time he was not needed for anyone.

Everything changed when the mayor changed in the town.

The uncle was not that smart … it was a genius in marketing.

And now you will understand why.

The mayor thought quite reasonably: there is an object of culture in our city, which is not needed by anyone, we spend money on it, and there are no profits from it. It must be done so that he brings profit.

And for this you need to make sure that the museum becomes unique. Not similar to any other museum of the world. And he did it! Since the town is in Prairies, the most terrible, which may be in the steppe — a fire. Therefore, the museum dedicated fire in Prairies.

And … Made the museum building looks like a flame flame.

The whole building was fully separated by special front panels from glass, which are covered … guess what?



The computer counted the movement of the sun, the nature of the lighting and the facade of the building was attached different types of dichroic glass. In the morning, when the building is highlighted by the Golden Rays of the Rising Sun, it seems that the fire is just flared by:

In the afternoon, when the sun stands in Zenith, it seems that the fire has gained full force and takes himself high to the sky, burning everything and all:

In the evening, the rays of the setting sun are highlighted on the facade smoldering coals on laid land:

The trim of the facade was spent more than 7,000 square meters of dichroic glass worth more than 21 million dollars not counting work. Around the museum made an entertainment park with attractions, cafes, benches and picnic zones.

And the people threw crowds! All wanted to look at the unusual building of the ordinary local history museum from Steppe Kanschin. People are sitting by day, and admire the buildings burning in the sun. In the interruptions, ride attractions come to ride, try to eat in a cafe, remove the hotel room. The cost of the museum was repulsed for the year.

Interestingly, in Russia could have something like something like? Or does everything rests in «No money, hold on there, health to you and all the best»? Would you like to visit such a museum?