There are two beds in the greenhouse with cucumbers: one ordinary, the other «warm».


For me, a person is not very sophisticated in horticulture and gardening, the garden from the bed is almost disliked. Why there are a bed there, I’m cucumbers from tomatoes with difficulty distinguish. But the spouse … This is Michurin, Vavilov and Beckets in one person. 100% I’ll wait someday that I will climb on the tree to encourage watermelons.

It all started with greenhouses-waxwork, continued with Icelandic trellis, now here are special warm beds. Although … to be honest, the beds were in front of the trellis.

To his, or rather, my head, I saw my sunshine on YouTube, where the authentic pioneer-Michurinets told A, most importantly, showed how to make special warm beds, so that cucumbers in the greenhouse (and other greens like tomato and pepper) grew to heaven.

And it happened exactly at that moment … when both beds in the new greenhouse were already made.


That is, at all.

Camname was filled, the humus of wild Beijing ducks was added (of course), a drip of my sweat …. in general, magic occurred. But the roller with a wonderful bedtime sat down at his wife in her husband and she said terrible words:

You will pour the earth and make a warm bed, as in that video.

I was silent.

-Well, come together …

I was silent again.

-Then I’ll do it myself.

I silently gave a shovel. From principle! I do not like to break magic 😎. Warm bed in the execution of my wife is done like this:

My wife takes.

Burnt shovel.

Burnt is already filled with a garden.

The whole earth is removed.

The whole wooden debris is thrown onto the chuckles, which is nearby. We have such garbage to be old raspberry branches, boards and trimming of a bar 15 * 150 mm.


From above stacked a layer of crumpled paper, potato cleaning and other household organic trash. Simply put waste from the kitchen.

All this is «polished» by humus with humus or manure, shed water and finally falls asleep with a thick layer of Chernozem.

True, the sun has enough energy only for one bed (I simplified, said, let’s compare).

In the resulting crown of Michurinskaya thought, seedlings of hot-beloved varieties of domestic gardeners «what was in the store, that was bought, then bought.

If you look closely on the first photo, it is perfectly clear that seedling was about the same. But, damn, take a look, what is the difference now between a simple bed and «warm».

I could not even imagine that it would be so obvious. For the sake of interest even measured the temperature of the earth in the same bed, it is the same. But the cucumbers-giants grow on the «warm», and on ordinary zamhrohshki.

Oh, I feel, you will have to do all the beds «warm» to do.

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