The most patient man on earth: a thousand tons of fountains of glass


Every time you put in the oven glass blanks (future jewelry, decor and certain more work — watches, vases, plates, panels), never know what happens: there will be a marriage or not, everything is as needed or something Sees, guess with a temperature or not.

Depending on the volume, the nature of the future product, the amount of glass, sintering programs and many other factors, the furnace is closed from 8 to 16 hours. And all this time does not come out of the head:

Will or not?

The time has passed passed, and when you take the handle of the furnace’s opening trite, your hands shake:

-What are you seen now? Will the glass go into battle or did the masterpiece be born and was born? Can you get the customer or start everything first?


And now look at the photo in the title of the article. This smiling elderly person is called:

Howard Ben Tre

And he can wait …


If you were in his place, I would not see any work — it would be trite with a mental disorder. Not everyone can patiently wait from 30 to 90 days.

Howard Ben Tre was born on May 13, 1949 in Brooklyn (New York, USA). She graduated from a local college, but because of problems with the police (he was a political activist) his family was forced to move to Portland, where Howard graduated from the University in the specialty — art history.

I wanted to become a sculptor, but did not work.

In the same place, he met a glass-capacity business. And got sick with glass. I had to learn to the glass fiber.

But I did not go. Again he did not succeed.

This can be almost any person. You think: now Mount Roll, I know everything, I taught me everything! And not go. Whether the hands are curves, or just fate decided differently. Here any would wave as a hand and went somewhere in movers or, for example, in criticism. But Howard Ben Tre decided so:

«If I can’t blow, then I would pour!

He began pouring the glass and does it 39 years in a row. The technology is actually very simple: glass is pouring into a sandy form, which creates from 30 to 90 days. After which the sand is washed off, casting polished and voila, the new masterpiece is ready.

Critics first took the work of Howard Bent Tre in the bayonets. Monumental beamless, — wrote one of them. However, with an increase in the popularity of street sculpture, Ben Tre found his place under the sun. He began to make huge street installations and fountains of glass. Each thing is striking by its scope. If it is a fountain, then there is such a Mahina that only 50-ton Liebher can raise it.

If it is a lamp … then it will be really

Once in London, a drunk driver on Ferrari crashed into one of the sculptures. The car was sent to the landfill, the driver to the hospital, the sculpture … Slightly subjected to the grinder.

Recently, Howard has been engaged in highlighting fountains that are installed in public places. Here his fantasy is inexorable. A variety of forms simply shake. New York, Portland, Osaka, Las Vegas, Boston and hundreds of other cities purchased the fountains of this master.

It is believed that such an acquisition is a good investment, since each year of its work is becoming more expensive by 5-10%.

In addition, every year «degrees» of the monumentality of its work is growing. For nearly forty years of work, Howard Ben Tre cast over a thousand tons of glass.

Researchers note that in their work the master uses African motifs and elements of the Zen philosophy. However, so far, critics do not know where to attribute his work: to glass-capacity craft or to sculpture. Therefore, the events of glass-powder with his participation are often written: Gloksov and Howard Ben Tre.

Is it not recognition of his