The man took a picture of the fairies and began to sell them: unusual creativity and earnings of Robin White (Fairy photo)


Tell me, do you believe in fairies? No, not at all in those who work on Tverskaya Street in Moscow and cut greens. And such little funny girls are also easy behavior, as they fly naked in the forest and raw on all passersby pollen?

If anyone (from adults, naturally) said that he saw Fairy, then … I thought about what I thought it was about the challenge of smiling people in white coats.

Meanwhile on our planet there are two people who are not only officially !!! They believe in the existence of fairies, but also seen elusive lightweight ladies. Today, as you already guessed from the title, I will introduce you to a person who has not only saw the Fairy, was able to take a picture of it, but thanks to the meeting created an amazing creativity.

Meeting with the FEE changed his whole life!

Robin White was born in 1960 in England in the family of an engineer. The boy’s mother was also more prone to accurate sciences, so Robin did not have another way out, as becoming a programmer engineer. However, the creative vein fought in it, and from time to time found its exit in drawing, and creating small sculptures from the sand, which he looked with his children.

Life passed by, all the time it took work, the children matured and gradually Robin began to prepare for pensions. The family bought a small house with a plot in a quiet and place — on the outskirts of the reserve. And so would Robin White, an ordinary programmer from England and finished his days if one beautiful in the morning of 2009 did not receive a gift from his family for Christmas. The wife and crowned children threw off and bought a camera to the adorable dad.

And Robin, like a boy, ran into the woods to take pictures. During his walk, he did not notice anything unusual, but when he came home and downloaded a photo into a computer, on the same photo he saw in the rays of the setting sun silhouette of a small fair. If you think that after that he is imbued and believed … That is deeply mistaken.

Engineers just do not give up!

Well, I saw and saw, and that such!

Everything has changed in a year when Robin cleaned the fence around his house. The fence was old, and that he did not fall finally, Robin decided to pull the steel knitting wire along it. Adhesiveness and at the same time the elasticity of steel wire is so fascinated by the engineer that he decided to do something out of her.

Robin remembered his «last year’s feud», made a silhouette of a silhouette of a slight woman and sat on his fence. A small figure was gone by a whole motor.

I had to buy another one …

A week later, he sat down on his fence of the order of half-life of magical ladies of light behavior. But so it would be all left innocent enthusiasm, if a year in the village, where Robin lived, did not hold a holiday to attract tourists. Well, since such a movement was outlined, he decided along the tourist trail to sear his fairies.

To say that tourists were fascinated, say nothing! It was a furor. They wrote about him in the newspapers, removed the video on television. World Glory, money, orders for the design of private gardens and public spaces came to the ordinary programmer in 52 years!

At first he draws a sketch on paper. Then reproduces it in a special computer program in 3D. After that, it starts work. To create your wire fairies, Robin uses several types of wires: from thick, poorly curved, it makes a frame that is tightened by a wire of persistent. The thinnest wire goes to the creation of «skin», hair, wings and dandelions.

But the most important detail lies, as always, inside. The fact is that in the chest of each fair, somewhere there, deeply, under the thousands of turns of steel wire is stored heart.

In each of his fairy, Robin puts the heart from one, only to him a well-known material. He keeps in the secret, and no one has risen the hand to unwind the fairy and find out what is invested in it.

Well, now the time has come to show that the very photo that became the first push to the fact that the real Creator grew up from anyone the famous programmer in the 52nd year of life. Sculptor, which not only creates beauty from the most unusual material, but also gives it a heart. This photo you saw the first, and below the fragment of it:

Yes, let it be an optical illusion. But, looking at wonderful works, in which there is not only the cold beauty of steel wire, but also the heart made by the hands of a real Creator, I already believe that there are the most real, suspidic faces.

Just ask, do not cause people in white coats!