The largest festival of remodes and handmade Russia

For the first time at the Bazhov Festival (in the people — Bazhovka) I came in 2015. And before that, never had such a kind of events. The fact that I was amazed to say nothing. A mini-city with its districts, streets, alleys — all the space of the forest and nearby glads are clogged with cars, ceremonies, tents of vacationers, trading pavilions, masters tents. And all this against the background of chic Ural nature, mountains, rivers, coniferous forest.

And people …. Crowd, a huge human river, raging and rolling along the roads and trails covered everything around. It was wild, no comparable delight.

More than a thousand masters, artisans, needlewomen from all regions of Russia, near and far abroad comes to the junction every year. We saw masters from Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany and even Congo (although he lives in Chelyabinsk, but, trees-stick, it’s still cool). Absolutely all regions of Russia are presented: even come here from Kaliningrad, Vladivostok, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Murmansk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sevastopol.

The number of guests of the festival has steadily exceeds 30,000 people, for example, last year 32 thousand, unofficially — more than 40 thousand were officially announced. It is exactly the last digit that I tend to trust more, since I didn’t see the difference at the Spasskaya Fair 10 times, although more than 200,000 guests arrive there.

This year the festival takes place 27 times.

Venue: Village Demarino Platovsky district of the Chelyabinsk region.

Time for June 21 — 23.

Why do I like the Bazhavsky festival and why all handmade masters I highly recommend either visit him, or take part:

-Inable good sales — a huge number of people come to the festival, which are motivated to buy, chat, find something interesting (sales report will be);


-Ohnay strict selection of participants, no overbugs, Chinese Music Merchants, Networks, etc. never participated and will not participate;

Low-resistant organization, is thought out to accommodate, security is provided, the system is equipped with a larger free tables, water supply and toilets;

-The most concert program, this year at the festival arrives from Germany the largest brand orchestra Stadtkapelle Wangen, last year there were guests from Austria, a sea of creative teams, participants of the show «Voice», VIA «Ariel», etc.;

a cinema;

-Arally go Cossack and bath festival.

What you need to be prepared when visiting the festival:

Probs — the road to the asphalt festival, but is poorly adapted for such a number of people, the entrance is only one;

Guestside Camp Guests is located in an open place, you need to take awning, canopy, good scarf;

To believe with you water (and more);

If you are a master and participate the first time, take additional lighting, trade goes to late, the extra light will not hurt, if you can take with you a portable tent shower-toilet, believe me, does not hurt;

-Rechper can be freely fastened and leave a shopping tent with all the goods and go to the concert, stroll or watch the movie, everything is guarded, there is no theft.

The most important thing, take with you a good mood, smile and friends. Sea of positive, communication with masters, discussion of creativity, master classes, disclosure of professional secrets, guaranteed.

Next week I hope to fill you, dear readers, weighing photos, reports, new stories … If I am able to do a computer before the computer. We’ll have to go to our family place of power, gaining energy.

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