The kid at the lesson of the modeling made from the wire of the palace.


How are you getting geniuses? Eternal and absolutely unresolved question! The greatest minds of humanity are fighting over this issue. I will say modestly: I know the answer to him.

In everything is to blame … the case.

And the hero of my today’s story is a bright confirmation, for not happening in his childhood of two completely random coincidences, it would not be now: the most brilliant sculptor of modernity up to 30 years old, the youngest sculptor-installer in Europe, the genius of Italy.


The boy was born in Milan in the family of artists. Everyone decided for him for him: the son will be an artist or sculptor, or anyone else, but necessarily associated with art. The boy did not leave a single chance to turn away from his destiny fate.

As soon as he was seven years old, Edardo was given to art school in the class of fine art. But the boy did not pull to the drawing completely. What only he did not do in order not to draw.

Then parents made a workaround maneuver and translated the Son into the class of modeling. To say that he did not like the modeling — say nothing. What can a little boy, if he doesn’t like something? He can turn into a woodpecker, and all darn. That he was successful and did.

And, in the end, he took out the teacher and the class that he was transplanted to the last desk. And at one of the lessons, when all the children, future Mogen and Rafaeli looked out of Panels, small palaces on the instructions of the teacher, a little Edardo, completely accidentally did not get this papier-mache.

Nobody wanted to share with him. Therefore, the teacher released him with the task:

If you do not like to sculpt like everything, make us a palace from any other material.

The boy came home and asked her father:


-Well so tagged.

-And I do not want to sculpt.

-Then do what you want! Garage in your disposal.

And he went to the garage, and there …

Rightly at the gate lay a large wire bay, which in sunny Italy is tied up grapes. She was just brought by the order of the Father — the family had a big vineyard. And then the boy had an idea:

-And I will do-ka Palace not from sticky, but from solid! From the wire!

And he did!

I got almost half of the bay. And the next day brought to the teacher in the class of modeling. Under the law of the genre, the teacher had to admire young talent, notice his talent and make a genius from the boy.

This happens. No, truth is true, it happens. Only very rare.

As a rule, in fairy tales.

In real life, what actually happened, the teacher put the boy two for the fact that he did not blind the palace, but brought some kind of garbage from the wire. In short, the boy’s efforts were not seen. And it was precisely that the impetus that made the little chalop give himself a word:

-When I grow up, I will make this garbage so that all the jaw will turn off!

And he did!

Almost 20 years have passed and Eidoro Tressoldi made the palace from the wire. Yes, such that everyone really cut the jaw! It increased his model more than 50 times: his palace was dried by 11 meters in the embroidery and was made of thick steel wire and grid.

In coordination with the Ministry of Culture of Italy, his design was put in Central Park Milan directly opposite some excavations. Look at the air lock from wire and the grid came more than a million people. A young man in the blink of an eye became famous.

You could then tell a long time, what kind of clever, how many such buildings he still did (very much), how many rewards received (even more) and how much money earned (well earned!).

But it was not interested in me.

After all, if you think, do not be preparing in a lesson, you will not stay without a masses for modeling, do not dismiss him father, do not bring a courier in a couple of hours before this sericulture wire … After all, 100% would not be the most outstanding sculptor of modern Italy up to 30 years.

Happening? Understanding!

Coincidence? Well, what else? We are not on Ren-TV.

What is morality? What kind of morality here! All in the hands of the case.

So let we all have as much as much as possible. Good and good luck! Thank you for reading to the end.