The French designer made a masterpiece at the cost of 800 euros and broke.


Sometimes it seems to me that China will last only a nuclear bomb. Uncle Si Eague is hourly monomially monitantly monitor the Internet, all sorts of exhibitions, shows, Biennale, in search of new ideas and design.

In principle, our workshop does the same. We have a small list of foreign masters, jewelers, designers who are very close to us in spirit, ideas on which I would like to be equal. There is nothing token in this, all the masters are watching each other, look, inspired. When they begin to plagate open … This is on human conscience. But the conversation is not about it.

Look at the top photo. Beautiful designer earrings made of white gold with acaia pearl. The first of the extensive, as assumed, the collections in a single-style minimalism. Price 840 euros. Yes, expensive, but it is worth it.

Now pay attention to the bottom photo. The same acaia pearl, yellow gold, beautiful, clinging design, price 900 euros. Just Wah! If we were engaged in a jewelery, not glass, then it was handed to make such earrings — just the limit of dreams.

At the May exhibitions of 2019 in Paris and Milan, these earrings took first place in the design category. Their creator referred to the big future, talked about creating their own jewelry houses, etc. etc.

It just failed, did not come around. In total, no more than a dozen decorations were sold. And the Chinese became guilt for this. Increased Chinese couple, millions of which goes through the light (husband and wife — businessmen on vacation), bought a few decorations right at the exhibition and satisfied flew home …

In fact, these were no tourists, but ordinary industrial spies that attend exhibitions and presentations of fashionable houses, young designers and buy either photograph the latest innovations in the world of jewelry. In China, there are several mega-productions of jewelry, which specialize in the stealing of design and mass replication. What do you think, after how much time, an accurate copy of these jewelry appeared in the catalogs first, and then a few Chinese jewelry manufacturers?

Half a year? Month? Two weeks?

Previously, European manufacturers had a phora about 3-4 months, six months before the Chinese repeat them. During this period, manufacturers have time to develop a new collection or modify the old one. This gave the opportunity to be always one step ahead, do not miss the profit. Remove cream at the most expensive segment.

Now we are talking about days!


Just three days !!!

And an accurate copy of the decoration appears on Aliexpress in branded catalogs in the category «New». Voila, see yourself … There are differences, but for an inexperienced eye they are not visible.

Naturally, any euro can not speak. Brass earrings with gilding and imitation of pearls are 4 dollars, made of gilded silver and real pearls, but low quality, 15 dollars.

When there is no difference, and the price is below 60 times, the question is where it is not worth buying!

And the Chinese absolutely does not care that the designer was broken, although half of the Yeropia Modnitis flashes such earrings today. In 2018, more than 40 firms for the production of decorations were closed in France and Italy. What is interesting, part of the masters moved at a special invitation to China and works there with hired designers.

To be honest, I do not know, it’s good or bad. In large Chinese manufacturers, it is obviously more opportunities to massively create beautiful decorations, but independent small workshops are also needed.

We also have in