The dangerous Finns smear their homes that they are not afraid of water, mold and fire: this composition they call the Russian


According to statistics, most Finns live in wooden or frame houses, while they have a lot more fires than in other European countries. Even less likely, for example, in Germany, although everyone knows that the Germans do not represent their home are not stone:

Quadratic stone gut!

It turns out that the Finns know something that everyone else knows. And indeed it is. This people managed to enjoy not only the best builder, but also the best chemist: their impregnations to protect wooden houses from mold, rotting and fire are imported throughout Europe.

But, like any high-quality thing, the Finnish impregnations have one Maaaaalysense such a deficiency:


When you have so much money that their chickens do not peck, there are no problems here — I went to the store and bought the most super-pupper expensive paint. And if not?

The fact is that Finns, in contrast to the widespread opinion, are not rich. Many are accustomed to consider each

-What people in Europe are the most nimble?

The answer will not be at all the Germans and not even the sons of Israel:


In addition, some of the Finns live in such a deafness that it would be very expensive to get to the nearest construction supermarket. And wonders, alas do not happen. There will be no canister from the sky. So they caught as they can, apply what is at hand.

For the processing of their homes, the Finns living a little further than the village of Lower Guadukino, use a very simple and reliable composition, which not only protects them at home from rot and mold, but also from fire. And this composition they call the Russian.

So, by what Russian composition, poor Finns cover their homes:

Capacity at 10 liters and a large mixer is taken. Many are used to stirring a drill and nozzle for bulk floors. It is understandable — by having shirled a few vests of such a composition. You can replace the jack for 20 tons with one right.

In the container poured steep boiling water. The hotter, the better. The water temperature depends on how quickly the ingredients will dissolve.

The boiling water adds 1800 grams of the cook salt. It is so much that can be less, it is impossible. If the salts are larger, then some chemistry will not dissolve in water, and will fall out. That is, the solution will be ineffective, and we need it?

After dissolving the salt into the solution, boric acid is added to the powder. It needs exactly 100 grams. This substance is sold at any gardener store. You can, of course, in the bottles, but then you will need them so much … that it will be cheaper to grab the pharmacy.

This is also added 100 grams of carbamide. This fertilizer and gain them can also be in the store for

According to the traditional recipe as a dye, focus is added. But to get the okhru in powder in our country is difficult. In stores for artists, it stands like gold, and in stores for chemists it is sold in bags of 25 kg. Why do you need such a bag when we are 10 liters need only 30 grams? So it will come up with any red waterborne color based on 36 rubles. It is enough for 10 liters with his head.

After adding to the «magic pot» of the entire above-mentioned chemistry, you can only interfere, interfere, interfere …

As you can see, the recipe is surprisingly simple, there are no nano-technologies and thermonuclear synthesis in it, but it is surprisingly effective and prolongs the service life of the structure by 2-3 times. And at the price of 10 liters of such a composition as 1 liter of shop impregnation, which is not even close in efficiency.