The craftswoman buys in Promotment boxes the cheapest kitchen boards: it turned out not to buy, but earnings


As you know, the main law of business reads:


Someone is simply looking for the lowest price, buys the goods wholesale, then resells with his markup. Someone buys the goods, changes it, gives him new properties and quality, and resells is much more expensive.

So, for example, we do. We buy sheet artistic glass, cut it into pieces, fold into the composition, schuch and get a completely new product. If we ourselves boiled the glass, it would, of course, it would be great, but for a small workshop such production is not under power.

The other day I met at the Voztrozno store with an old friend who was able to build a small «business» on the manufacture of beautiful things from the frank trash.

Recently, in «Vozven» (who does not know — this is an analogue of the traffic lights) began to bring the kitchen boards in huge quantities. Their tongue will not turn their tongue, as they are made from a simple birch plywood with a thickness of 6 millimeters.

It’s not even waterproof plywood!

Such a cutting board will serve you after buying exactly 1 day.

Well, maximum two.

Persuaded … three.

Plywood categorically not accepting water in any form. It is worth even once to wet such a board as she immediately starts to crumble, swell and crack.

Another point is interesting: I do not know how to make the manufacturer of these boards, it was allowed to make items in contact with food from such material. No certificates, but the boards are sold completely open.

The set includes a big board, a small board and a blade for stamping in a frying pan — also from plywood. Everything is posted in a heat shrink film.

Olga, so call the master, buys such sets of boxes!

What do you think why?

Everything is very simple — she deals with decoupage.

Boards are unpackled, polished (they are not even polished), covered with glue, after which a napkin with a beautiful pattern is pasted on them. After drying, the boards are covered with several layers of varnish.

Sometimes something can be presented, paint, stick glitter, lace, etc. Additionally, the boards can be given the crocheral effect, tie a beautiful rope from burlap. Sometimes the husband applies Pipogram.

The spatulas are thrown out, since it is impossible to apply them to the destination, but to put on the shelf together with the boards it will not work — there is no special beauty.

Ultimately, after all manipulations, decorative sets are obtained, which are not ashamed to put onto the kitchen regiment, in the buffet, hang on the wall. Absolutely all boards are one topics — Provence. Of course, it will not be possible to use them for destination, but they are initially not adapted for this.

In one day, absolutely not straining Olga can make 20 — 25 such sets. When large orders come from the store, the family connects.

Master-processed boards are sold through social networks, refer in the shop stores, and shops of home. A contract with several souvenir shops is concluded, there are two large wholesalers.

And a little economy.

One set of «semi-finished products» stands in a promotional point of 119 rubles (if it turns out to be bought by stock, then the price drops to 89). Realized boards are in stores for 320 — 480 rubles, depending on the configuration and used for the decor of materials. Through social networks, sets of boards with decoupage are sold for 500 to 900 rubles.

Shops are screwed differently. Network stores of home and decor make a minimum markup, and some positions can sell 450 — 500 rubles, while souvenirs simply multiplied by two or even three. One set in the store managed to sell for 1800 !!!!

About 160 — 300 sets are being implemented per month, although it does not have time at times. On average, from each set, 200 rubles of net profit is obtained.