Thanks to his neighbor, I found a replacement to the construction level


Honestly, here is the truth-true, I wanted to write about how the wise neighbor filed me a unreasonable idea by a million and now I completely got rid of the curvature of the hands. Even a plan of the article threw …

But everything went not according to plan!

For about a week, a half ago, I went to visit a neighbor. Assessed by an experimental eye of construction and asks:

-Wad, and you have no long construction level? I need to go on day. And then my go somewhere.

Why not give a good person. Moreover, I still have a small level, and besides him very steep laser. Therefore, no question, gave a day. And, as always happens in such cases, you give hands, pick up your feet. In general, the neighbor was gone. No, the second, the third …

A week has passed. I need to hold a terrace with a gazebo, and there is no level. There is little little sense, so I had to get a laser level from the cover. And then the fate of me poses the first trouble. The laser level said something illegible:


After that, happily moved into the world of others, that is, burned down.


I had to take the legs in the hands and go with a question to the neighbor:

-And where, dear companion neighbor, the level that is already like eight days should I lie?

«You don’t herself, I saw Pill, and they used as a ruler.» And that’s what happened.


Neighbor simply saw the level immediately in two places. My favorite Ermak Timofeevich, who was with me from the very first year of the construction of the house, that is 11 years! It was a very accurate quantity, never had to correct it.

There is nothing to do, I had to go to the store, because without a long level it would not work out.


For a 120 centimeter level asked from 900 rubles to 1400.

Of course, I understand that the thing is good, dear, in imported language is written «Heavy Dutie».


Despite the high price and boobsurman inscriptions, levels show completely different slopes. They initially, right in the package, are not suitable for use.

This reason to think about it!

And while I thought, the phone helpfully suggested me that in the nearest store from the manufacturer of my old laser level a promotion is held: you buy a laser level and you get for a third of the price of a good laser range finder.

Why did I bought it?

It is a damn comfortable thing.

Precision of level.

Ranger, by the way, also pleased. Even in the afternoon on the bright sun, he breaks his legitimate 30 meters, considers plane, area. Dream, not a device. Well, the accuracy of his 1.5 mm is 30 meters — this is given professional rangefinders worth from 5-7 thousand.

He is self-leveling.

You say:

-What you praise it strongly. Does he have drawbacks?

I will say honestly, there is!

Their little, but … See for yourself:

On Bright Sun Figing, they will work.

The line that the laser draws is thick.

At the version of the line brighter

Batteries, as a law of meanness, end up at the most inopportune moment.

So what can I say in the end?

Bubble levels for me in the past. A small 40 cm. There is a reserve, just in case, but I run around the house and the site I only with this box. For a pro purpose, when the order is on hundreds of thousands of rubles on the horse, I would still think: use it or not. But! For domestic purposes, such as repair and construction «for yourself» of this bundle is more than enough.

Continuing an article with an accuracy test and conclusions